10 Secret Video Game Areas You Weren't Meant To Find

Beyond the set boundaries, there are video game secrets to be found…

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  • Shadow of the colossus originally was suppose to have 48 colossi it was decided that was too many. This also explains why the open world is substantially bigger than it needs to be. So there are parts of the map premade and fully textured but they decided that 48 was too many and reduced it to a smaller number and then down again. There was hope that when the remake game out for the ps4 that they might have been added but sadly not.

  • The fallout 4s developers room does NOT have every item in the game. That is incorrect. There are many items that you cannot get actually.

  • I remember there was this old educational video game that I used play when I was like 7. It had an area that you could see from the main playable area. I wanted to get there so badly! But try as I might, it was never possible. BUT IT HAD A DINOSAUR SKELETON!!!

  • You missed Final Fantasy XV’s train station map glitch that took you to a very large unfinished area of the Niffleheim empire.

  • That's so stupid you're going to ban people because you screwed up and they figured out a way into a room that you should have made sure that your developers locked or somehow got rid of. way to go

  • Gotta love skeleton dragons not sure if that's a glitch. Supposed to be like that but I ran into a few of them I also gave my character armor of a god it was fun for a bit one hit Dragon one hit everything but after a while you just take the armor off and put it away in one of your houses

  • Shows everyone in the team and pans over to Ash

    "I Am the unlockable Ash from What Culture Gaming"

    I applaud this introduction. Somehow one of the best introduction lines you guys came up with

  • Ash… you said “a link in the past.” (5:19)
    I literally hate to be this guy but it’s a link to the past

  • those free demos turned into $60 "full" releases. then having to usually pay at least another $60 to buy the actual game once theyve gotten around to actually finishing the dumb thing

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