A Brief History of Fire Emblem – Who is Ike?


Ike is one of my favorite characters, and I wanted the second video in this series to showcase him because of that.

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  1. Man I would give anything to see a remake or a port to the switch just to play both games, this was the very first FE game I played, too bad I didn't finish it.

  2. 3 things ike is the best smash player 2 I played like 4 fire emblem games and I think they should add ike in more games and have him have bigger role in the whole fire emblem plot and 3 ike Is early similar to guts from berserk

  3. What I know about Ike is that he has a Heavy sword and he can flip his heavy sword in the sky he can grab it in the air if he jumps then he flips himself it is Ike's Up B.

  4. Ike is the insufferable child of Marth and Roy. The boy you love, but the man you hate for being yet another sword user. Would have loved to see Leif with his silver bow, might have made a cool alternate Link styled gameplay character in smash.

  5. What makes Ike different than most FE characters is that he’s just a normal guy (kinda). He’s not of any royal blood, he’s father is not a king or a prince or even a paladin or knight, but a mercenary.

  6. I was hoping that for Ike’s hero class in ultimate (where he’s buffed up) to have the voice actor from the previous two smash games, but nope, same voice actor for both Ike’s

  7. I do prefer Robin as a character, but I feel I need to know more about Corrin. I’ve only played Birthright, and even then, I skipped pretty much all of the cutscenes.

  8. Actually, path of radiance and radiant dawn sold very poorly due to basically no marketing. Ikes popularity, like other FE chars, stems from smash, and the Tellius games are so expensive because of non existant sales combined with actually being pretty good.

    Btw learn to pronounce plz

  9. Who is Ike? Probably the most generic lord in all of FE, yet is liked a lot for some reason.

    Meanwhile, Hector is actually written much better than Ike but is seemingly only liked because of his stats.


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