Alan Watts – how to see through the game – the secret to life :: happiness

truly the best thing you can do for yourself, to feel good that is, is to do good onto others. be it small or big, a nudge in the direction of positivity is a positive self reflection. happiness is the secret to life… there’s no doubt about that. one thing i can do today is amplify goodness of greater people, and act as an invisible conduit. and that feels good.

Note to listeners:
When you try to not hear the music, you’ll find that’s all you can hear. However, when you listen to the music, you’ll notice that all you hear is Alan Watts. There’s a lower volume musical version of this video here if you need that:

Songs, in order of apperance:
1.) Darkstar – hole me down:

2.) Bibio – the ephemeral bluebell:

3.) Boards of Canada – heard from telegraph lines:

4.) Helios – Embrace:


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  • A great teacher is someone that reminds the student that the student is an undeveloped teacher, every servant is just a master in the making. We're all equally ignorant until we learn to create with certainty. Anybody can become aware that they are one with the universe, but so what, what are we doing for others with our awareness…

  • Get a good quality phone..where you can hear everything he is saying perfectly with the background music…."that is the secret"

  • Self-awareness is subtle… We should be aware of what we are thinking, talking and doing. But not all people are filtering what is going in and out of their minds. We need more mindfulness in life =)

  • Such great teaching…but, the music and sound effects are annoying and distracting. I'd love to find the original audio without all the unnecessary editing.

  • The wisest people on earth are the most disgusted with life on earth. Don't believe me? Well, try it Nancy! Go git yerself "enlightened" and we'll see how that goes fur ya. Also….can somebody name me one good thing that has come out of India.

  • @Daniel Witcombe: (a bit late, I know) and I'm over 30, but I am listening June 2020. Just discovered this, and I really like! I need this sooo much right now…

  • Yourself is the biggest ENEMY in your life ! Life its about your choice.Choose wisely ! Much Love🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾

  • I love his intellect…his voice of reason…the articulation.

    Having died in an accident when i was younger I had been searching to understand what I had experienced. I have managed a simple resolution in that .."it is not who you are…or who you could or should be…it is who you are at the moment of death".

    The cosmic consciousness does not judge.

  • Stop scrolling, but also, you are far more vastly content than you THINK. therefore, dont think, nor feel. Observe. Take deep breaths and listen to the music. Namaste loved ones, peace and love to you. ❤

  • I need help with understanding what the secret is. The second half of this video is actually hard for me to wrap my head around.

  • When he said to face your fears and my fear was ghost I just went around my house and outside at night telling myself I’m not afraid

  • Does this mean that when i go out of my way for others, Im going against the flow? I understand to stop trying to flow, and just be, instead. But i can't see how that works because if I stop being "good" and loving to all life because in trying im against the flow then idk how else i can be. I dont know if im just flowing and being or im forcing it. How do i know, do i need to know. Im not there yet😔

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