Assassin's Creed 3 Fanorona – Win Solution On Expert – Original Gamer


I decided to play Fanorona on Expert in the Homestead. Always play 2nd. This is only one of several solutions. It is very hard to emulate all of the possible combinations.

So you will have to learn how to play the game or use the programme offered by Zillions Of Games A simple looking game but perfect for beating this game.

If you are using the computer programme you play as the opponent and the computer is you. When the vicar makes a move, move the piece in the programme. Then the computer will solve the next move which you copy for your turn on the game. Watch all the vicars moves carefully so you do not make a mistake. Otherwise start again.

You can also use this, once you are familiar with it to earn the £500 from games with ease. By the end of it you will be a whizz at this game or a whizz at copying computer moves.

Note: When a piece in AC3 is no longer supposed to be able to be moved any more in Zillion of Games, you just end the turn. (Thanks to Wajak for the reminder)


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  1. Sometimes I wish I could just sweep all the pieces off the board, shove those pieces right down into Achilles’s throat & then “effortlessly” beat him over the head with the game board. Just as he “effortlessly” wipes the board clean of every single one of my pieces before I ever have my first turn & I do mean ALL OF THEM!.. 😤

  2. Download a version if it to your smart phone, turn the difficulty all the way up, then when the person in AC3 moves, you copy them in the phone, and when the phone moves, you copy it in AC3.

  3. This game is absolute trash honestly, 1 move and he can clear the entire board. His is the opposite of fun, it’s easily one of Ubisoft most garbage game.

  4. There is a much easier way for you braindead saplings to get this ez plat, use this online version of fanorona so then the computer plays against the computer. I was looking for a online version of this for Macs for literally two hours and this guy saved my damn life. I have so much gratitude for him, just wanted to share this in case anyoen else was wanting to shoot themselves.

  5. I remember having a hard time back in 2012/13, but was lucky and beat it in one try in the remaster without any preparation. I had to cheat to win Nine Men's Morris once again, using AI to do my moves.

  6. fun part is that ubisoft culd easy remove this from 100% synk factor to make it easyer for people and get more paying customers but they dident this is why i never gona buy any thing thats not on sale. I did buy origins with all dlc for 7e was really good game i did every thing with out prob 100% synk 200/h play time enjoy it so much so i buy this game on sale 4e and i loved it from the start 10/10 now after 250/h i start to fucking hate it bc i cant get 100% synk because of game is brokend and now the freaking mini games whne oddyse is on sale under 10 e am gonma buy that but now before am not giving ubisoft any money

  7. I don't understand this goddamn game at all. I got him down to 2 pieces and I had like 10 and the motherfucker just starts picking me off until I couldn't do a goddamn thing and he won. FUCK THESE ASSHOLE DEVELOPERS.

  8. This worked (sorta) great for me, after like the 10th time I played the AI moved exactly how he does in ur video thanks!

  9. I think that I've learnt a life lesson as a game accomplisher by playing AC3:

    There are achievements that you need to take your time

    There are achievements that are truly hard

    And there are achievements that are just stupid.

  10. Jeez, the guides make it look like I'm playing against Achilles, when I play the game it's like playing against Morgan Freeman because it's that difficult 😂

  11. 2019
    who ever designed this made it impossible and for what?
    Don't game developer's know what's fun and whats not fun anymore ?
    Challenging is one this thing but extremely annoying is another and on top of that the guy taps on the table and waves his ******* hand around every 3 seconds like wtf !
    This achievement ain't worth nobodys time !

  12. AC3 has been remastered, again. This is not a guide, it’s a win solution, of which there are many. Trying to get the exact same moves is very hard. This old forum post to accompany the video may help explain how to play on your own merit 🙂

  13. Interesting but the AI wouldn't make the last moves in AC Rogue. It'd ude evasive maneuvers until the game ends in a draw.

  14. Lol, I don't understand why people are bitching about this game! I used to farm so much money off of Achilles playing this back at the Homestead…Probably like 80% of my income was from Achilles and this game xD


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