Baby Name Game!!! (by mvickers277)



1. You have twins!‬
‪If your birthday is from January to April, they are boy-boy twins!‬
‪If your birthday is from May to August, they are boy-girl twins!‬
‪If your birthday is from September to December, they are girl-girl twins!‬

‪The first names should correspond to the DATE of your birthday in the month:‬
‪1st-10th: Must start with R and A‬
‪11th-20th: Must start with T and C‬
‪21st-31st: Must start with W and D‬
‪Also, use your first initial as both of their middle initials.‬

‪2. You have a new baby girl!‬
‪Her first name depends on your favorite color:‬
‪Favorite Color is green… her name is Sage.‬
‪Favorite Color is purple… her name is Violet.‬
‪Favorite Color is blue… her name is River.‬
‪Favorite Color is red… her name is Poppy.‬
‪Favorite Color is orange… her name is Clementine.‬
‪Favorite Color is anything else… her name is Dahlia.‬

‪You may pick a middle name of your choice.‬

‪3. You have a new baby boy!‬
‪His first name must start with your Dad’s first initial.‬
‪His middle name must start with your Dad’s middle initial.‬

‪4. You have a new baby girl!‬
‪Her first name must start with your Mom’s first initial.‬
‪Her middle name must start with your Mom’s middle initial. ‬

‪5. You’re expecting! (You get to pick the sex of the baby this time!)‬
‪The first name must coordinate with what color shirt you’re wearing…‬
‪White/Grey/Black — Jett/Emmaline‬
‪Red/Pink/Purple — Rhys/Lilah‬
‪Green/Blue — Landon/Ivy‬
Yellow/Striped shirt — Atticus/Harlow‬
‪Orange/Not wearing a shirt — Vaughn/Carys‬
‪Multi-colored shirt — Kai/Vivienne‬

‪You may pick any middle name of your choice.‬
‪(If your shirt fits more than one category, or somehow none of the categories, then feel free to choose from all the names listed!)‬

‪6. Make up a name (first, middle, and last) that make some sort of cool initials. (The last name can be yours or made up.)‬
‪For example, Julianna Olive Young… spells out J.O.Y. ‬

‪7. List your current favorite girl and boy names (first and middle).‬


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  1. 1. Teddy Hayden and Charlie Harper
    2. Violet Rose
    3. Emmett Conner
    4. Callie Emerson
    5. Ivy Ashlyn
    6. Lillia Olive Vivian East (L.O.V.E.)
    7a. Rosalie Jean
    7b. Arlen Luke

  2. 1. Tobias Axel and Tianna Ace
    2. River Anne
    3. Jayden Milo
    4. Angel Marie
    5. Emmaline Reign
    6. Serenity Hazel Olive Willow
    7. Finley Mae and Corbyn James

  3. 1. Willow Audrey and Daisy Alanna
    2. Violet Emily
    3. Bowie Max
    4. Selah Rebecca
    5. Rhys Dalton
    6. Zion Andrew Pulis (ZAP)

  4. Tailynn Lee Cade Jackson
    River Peyton
    Asher Benton
    Brityn Nicole
    Jett Cooper
    Nash Israel Klayton Edwards (NIKE)
    Parker Ann Rose Kaiks (PARK)
    Conor Dawson
    Parker Mae

  5. 1)Ralphie Everest and Atlas Emerson
    2)River Elodie
    3)Kaelan Jay
    4)Harlow (my mum doesn’t have a middle name)
    5)Ivy Blair
    7)Harry Oliver George & Kodie Olivia Grey (I have so many favourite girls names so this is just one)

  6. 1.girl girl TWINS named Waylynn Kyer and Declan Kai
    2.River Ezlei
    3.Carson Moore and Reid Elkin PS I have 2 dad's
    4.Brendell Gastlei
    5.For the boy Kai Moore for the girl Vivianne Scarlette
    6. R.A.D Rhys Alban Driff P.I.P Penelope Imogine Pelkins

    L.O.V.E Lyrik Olive Victoria Eastynn

    C.O.O.L Casper Oskar Own Luca
    And my favorite boy name I'd Mateo Sabastian and my favorite girl name is Jelian Maise

  7. 1: Riley Anna, Austen Asher
    2: River Alice
    3: Ivan Jack
    4: Jacquelyn Serena
    5: Emmaline Marie
    6: Wesley Howell Yates WHY
    7: Elliot Marie, Wesley Andrew

  8. 1. Roscoe Stian & August Sander
    2. Dahlia Ruth
    3. Kiefer Hagen
    4. Hilda Giselle
    5. Emmaline Skye
    6. Titus Orwille Palmer
    7. Ellis Mathilda & Henry Augustus

  9. 1. Tessa Rachel and Carson Reid
    2. River Scarlett
    3. Dakota Wyatt
    4. Saige Maddison
    5. Jett Oliver
    6. SKY: Sawyer Kai Yesters
    7. Couldn't pick so I just chose 4: Elliott Sawyer, Asher Ryan and Juliette Mae and Scarlett Elizabeth

  10. 1. Rylord Noel and Audrey Natalie
    2. Dahlia Jane
    3. Jared Michael
    4. Elaia Mickaela
    5. Emmaline Margot
    6. Bradley Ryan Audrey Venthler Evans: BRAVE
    7. Can't Choose

  11. 1: Ruby Rose and Aria Rosalie
    2: Violet Poppy
    3: Alfie Leo
    4: Jessa Tullilah
    5: Rose Meredith
    7: Zendaya Grace and Theodore Fletcher

  12. 1. Tristan Alden
    Corrine Anne
    2. Dahlia Alessa
    3. Martin Ryan
    4. Evelyn Heaven
    5. Lilah Lynn
    6. L.I.F.E.
    Libby Ivy Faith Engels
    7. Talasin Lyn
    Easton Jon

  13. 1. Arraleise Demitria and Ryker Dreydon
    2. River Evangeleigh
    3. Maverick Ezra
    4. Viridiana Lark
    5. Carys Embry
    My family uses 3 middle names so I am going to us a lot of names!
    6. Bentley Ronan Aviran Valor Eddison
    7. Liran Gabriel Octavian Gordon (This will be my son's name in November!)
    Novaleigh Alora Eryn Louise

  14. 1) Ryder Carlisle & Aspyn Cara
    2) River Emerald
    3) Ryan Rex
    4) Cara Louise
    5) Landon Emery & Ivy Rose
    6) Lucielle Yasmin Rose Imogene Carlson LYRIC
    7) Nora Elaine and Lucas Ryder

  15. Twin boy names and my first name starts with Q
    Dashiell Quinn and Dexter Quintin

    Alexander Callum
    Juliette Renee

    Jett Regan

    Luna Octavia Lovegood (LOL)

    Cora Evangeline
    Caspian Everett

  16. 1.)Wesley Shane and Dylan Samantha
    2.) River Leigh
    3.) Jonathon Elias
    4.) Jasmine Lorelei
    5.) Jett Phoenix
    6.) Peter Elliott Nichols
    7.) Elaine Nicole and Ezra Nathaniel


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