Casting Custom Video Game Buttons out of Resin, two part mold tutorial


In this video we are going to do some advanced mold making by showing a full breakdown of how to make a 2 part mold out of silicone to cast custom video game buttons out of resin. This is the deep dive into the topic folks have been waiting for!

Vacuum Chamber –
Plastilina Clay –
Mold Release –
Epoxy Resin –
Silicon –
Large Measuring cups and stir sticks –
Small Measuring cubs and stir sticks –
Resin Dyes –
Pearlescent powder –
Super Glue with Activator –
Syringes –

My Etsy page –

Soldering Tools I use:
Soldering Iron used:
Flux used:
Wire use:

Other Helpful Tools:
Triwing Screw drive and Nintendo Gambits –

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  1. That's so awesome!! Thanks for getting me a link to your channel. I really enjoyed seeing how you make the buttons, you did such a great job on the video too! Can't wait to check out some more of your videos =D

  2. Would you ever consider selling ready made molds? I'm also curious, what's the 'IPA' you're referring to in the video? The stuff you recommended adding to the hot glue I mean. Cheers!
    Also, as always, EXCELLENT tutorial! You inspire me to follow my passion. Thanks for everything you do!

  3. Great video man! Decided to give it a shot and learned alot along the way. Just poured the resin in and it leaked outta the sides a bit. I did make the molds a bit to small (ie. Buttons to close to the edge), I don't think I used as much mold release and tore the sides a bit, and also didnt have the tightest fit with the rubber bands as I could have. Question, do you think I should try and make a box with plastalina by where it leaked/split for next resin pour, or prolly just start from scratch and make new molds?

  4. Your are doing the 3cup mix method wrong… Poor cup 1 (blue) poor cup 2 (pink) Poor pink into blue and mix, THEN poor into cup 3 (purple) this allows any blue or pink that is stuck to sides to pour out and then mix purple again.

  5. So I’ve tried this and my buttons are still kinda sticky after 72 hours most people tell me is because I didn’t measured it right but I’ve use the same resin for other stuff and it cured really fast not sticky at all. What you think happened here??

  6. Awesome video man. I'm curious though, how would you scale up this kind of process for larger parts (i.e. the controller shells)? I'm trying to make casts for a plastic toy with screws holding two pieces together, with room inside it for electronics etc. and I'm wondering if this will be applicable in a general sense

  7. Great video! I can't wait to try this. On the Switch joy-cons the markings for the A, B, X, and Y buttons are a different color and run all the way through the button itself. Meaning they are not simple printed on. Any ideas on how that is done, and can it be replicated? The channel Jerry Rigs Everything points this out in his Switch durability test video.

  8. I’ve been trying the method for a while to make my switch buttons but they don’t come out perfect. I want them absolutely perfect. How perfect were yours in comparison to your originals? I know it is shown in the video but sometimes defects are easier seen in real life.

  9. Really curious where you got the “L” mold. I’ve been looking for weeks and I can’t seem to figure out the right keywords to find them. They look so familiar but I can’t quite place it!

  10. I followed this tutorial exactly and my castings came out nearly perfect. I cast some Gameboy DMG buttons and a replacement knob for an old MT-32 MIDI module. I was super impressed at how well things came out for my very first time molding/casting. Excellent tutorial!

  11. This is a super helpful video! I was wondering how long the molds last? Also is it super necessary to use the vacuum chamber to take out the air bubbles or is there another way to avoid bubbles?

  12. Nicely done! The end result kinda reminds me of how Dragonballs look. Working on a few molds using a similar technique as I write this. 🙂

  13. The whole bubble vacuum thing is just a brain trick that makes you feel better. It doesn't help. Once you start pouring the silicone, you're just creating more air bubbles. So, it's worthless to do that.

  14. I'm wondering: what if I made metal buttons? Of course they'd add quite some weight to the controller. But would it affect the controls of the Game Cube controller?


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