Catechumen – PC Game Review – brutalmoose


Ian explores the smelly Catacombs of Rome in Catechumen.
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  1. As much as I hate this garbage, at least they tried a little harder than the out-of-touch idiots who made Captain Bible. That game was literally worse than Bible Adventures.

  2. I love how the pathetic little jump comes with what sounds like a pathetic little version of the jump-grunt from Quake

  3. I initially misread the video title as 'Cheetahmen' and I got excited thinking that the franchise had an entry into 3D gaming. Very disappointing to re-read this as 'Catechumen'.

  4. Oh no a Christian game with Christian themes. What you got is false advertisement. Christian games aren't supposed to have christian themes how odd

  5. Random Angel:Here’s my Sword,I Want You to Take it
    me:no Thanks
    Cas From Supernatural:Here’s an Angel Blade,There Are Some Demons Coming
    me:Awesome,I Know Exactly What to do
    Random Angel Standing in Stunned Silence
    me:What?This’s Where my Fighting Skills Really Kick in

  6. It’s funny how moose goes from looking a bit like Tom Green in the captain bible video, to slowly transitioning into YouTube Jesus. Damn that Christian media has been effective.

  7. "This is a christian game, violence is never the answer"

    Crusaders in video games: "Allow us to introduce ourselves. Observe as we retake Jerusalem. DEUS VULT!"


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