DESOLATE: The Lighthouse – Part 1 – Survival With a Plot – Survival Guide


In Part 1 of Desolate, Rev heads out into a brand new survival game that actually has a plot. Once Rev gets his baring its off to the lighthouse wading through madmen and monsters. In Desolate you play the role of a Volunteer, and explore a place filled with threats of every shape and size – from monsters and madmen to supernatural anomalies and seemingly impossible weather patterns. Journey through the present of this forsaken world to uncover its secrets.

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  1. You got extremely lucky to find a gun that early. I always have the hardest time finding guns, and I have no clue where to find ammo or if you can craft it or what? I'm enjoying this game, I'm not new to it, just returning after it's been updated. I would love to watch more of you play this, and hear your tips.


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