E-SDS Game Capture HD (Ezcap) – Setup Guide and Review


Hi everyone, welcome to FightMax gaming. Today I wanted to share a review of the E-SDS game capture HD. I recently started my YouTube channel and was looking for a device which would help me capture HD quality footage in 60 fps. This device looked very promising and so I went ahead and ordered it for around 70 dollars from Amazon and I am really glad I made this purchase. If you are looking to capture high quality footage on your console on a limited budget then this device is a worthy candidate to consider.

This device is compatible with the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360, and even the Wii U. It can record games at 60 frame per second at 720p or at 30 frame per second at 1080p and 1080i. The capture device comes with a power adapter, software cd, a component cable which comes in handy on older generation consoles, an instruction manual and an HDMI cable. On the front of the device you can find the one touch record button which initiates gameplay recording, a head phone port which is super convenient as some consoles don’t have it, a microphone port, a line in port and a USB port to connect your hard drive with. On the back, you can find two HDMi ports one for input and one for output, a component cable input which comes in hand on last generation consoles, and a power input
Now before you plug in your device, please do remember to switch off HDCP on your console. The device will not work until HDCP has been disabled. So it is important not to skip this step. Now that we have HDCP disabled, lets move on to setting up the video capture device. After plugging in your power cable, connect the HDMI cable coming from the console into input and also attach another HDMI cable coming from your TV into output. You will also need a hard drive or flash drive which will store all your recorded gameplay. Once your storage device is connected, you are ready to turn on your console
To start recording gameplay just press the record button and you are good to go. Also to set the resolution of your recorded footage just go to your consoles video output setting and select the resolution you would like to record at.
Here is some gameplay footage that I recorded while playing street fighter 5. In my opinion the video quality is very close to the original source and looks very nice. Here is a side by side comparison of 60 fps with 30 fps. The 60 frames per second feature is definitely a great feature to have. The audio captured by this device sounds great too and I have attached some footage at the end of this video of me playing dark souls 3. By watching the footage you can check out the device’s audio and video capture capabilities in action. Overall I’m quite satisfied with this purchase and would recommend this product because of its competitive price point and because of its ability to capture high quality gameplay footage. If you found this video helpful then please do leave us a like. If you have any questions or would like to give feedback then please do comment as we really enjoy hearing back from our viewers. We will be coming out with more reviews in the future so please do hit the subscribe button if you would like to see more content from our channel. Thanks for watching and have an awesome day.

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  1. Is recording continue with new file after 2GB automaticky? If i splt them with sony vegas, is there dropped frames, or is continue without loosing frames? Thank you.

  2. Guys this guy says you need a component cable for last gen consoles. Search for your console because it will be different. Thought that might help!

  3. Thank You! Finally someone who knows how to produce an instructional video on this subject. Nice camera work. Good lighting. In focus. Clear and to the point explanation.
    Seriously, anyone looking to make an instructional video on any product, should follow this

  4. FightMax Gaming Dude! How did you manage to make the thing recognize your External HDD? Mine is not working and I tried to format it in ntfs fat32 and exfat. it wont record. But all my usb stick are working.

  5. Hi. I've just bought this capture video EZCAP but if i use usb device to save my videos and i connect microphone and earphones into rose and green inputs, they doesn't run. Why? please, help. Thank you

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  7. such an amazing video, but how do I record my voice when I'm in party with my friends on Xbox 360?. the mic in doesn't support the Xbox headset , I need help

  8. This also works on the Wii U… right?

    I did everything you said, but I can't get the Wii U to show up on my TV.


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