EastPoint 7ft 3 in 1 Swivel Pool Table Review

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Sears: No Longer Available

This is a 7ft 3 in 1 pool table review by East Point also know as Triumph Sports. This table is an awesome table in providing great fun for you, family, or evening friends. Kids will have a blast with this super exciting table. This table is selling at Sears for $539.99 but if you go there now, you may be able to catch a great deal. This is the season where some retailers will be getting rid of there pool tables to bring in new products on to the floor. So if you’ve been wanting one, now is your chance.

Comes with all the accessories you need. Once purchased, you will not have to run back out the out to get anything unless is some snacks and drinks to have a party. This fun gaming table doesn’t take up that much space. The hockey table is smooth with it’s friction-less hockey pads and the table tennis is a blast. The best feature on this table is the 180 degree swivel which is very simple to rotate from hockey to pool.

This table weights in at 264 pounds. You will need 4 or more STRONG PEOPLE to transport the table where need be. The set up process is tedious and will take about 2 hours with help. I put this table half way up with my wife and finished it by myself. To help you Sears do offer a protection and service plan where they can deliver it for you and may set it up for you for a fee. Make sure you call and ask because that is what I should have done. Don’t try to be superman in handling this table by yourself. That’s what Sears is there for. Pool stick tips are a little flat but it a regular player will not notice this. The pool table is not a slate table so the straight line shots maybe off by a couple of inches at some point. The pocket holes are tight to remove balls.

Final Thoughts:
For the price, this pool table is a steal. Sears is selling this pool table for $539.99 but you can buy it for half the price if you look around. If you stop by sears this month (January) you may find some great deals on them. Soon I will be giving out a prize about this video. Stay tuned and hope you enjoyed it!

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