Exalted: WHAT is it and WHY should you play it?

This is my first time recording, editing, AND speaking English in a public setting. I am a little insecure about my English, but I can only improve from here. Please be gentle with your criticism.

You can learn more about Exalted here:

You can purchase Exalted Third Edition here:

The background art and some of the other art are licensed from Adobe Stock (standard license). The video also contains art from official Exalted products. Finally, some of the art is created by myself.

The introductory music is a short segment from the official Exalted soundtrack. You can purchase the full soundtrack here:

Nguồn: https://diaoc68.vn/

Xem thêm bài viết khác: https://diaoc68.vn/game/

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  • Hey, nice to put a voice to a forum name! Love the video, and working my way through the rest of the playlist. Definitely planning on sharing them in my neverending crusade to get more people into my all time favorite RPG.

  • I'm a dm and player in d&d, and learned of this from a random video, you have a great voice, and great English.

  • ^¬– I've always wanted ((but still have yet)) to play this game…I remember when I first saw it in the hobby/games shop I frequented in Philadelphia…wayyyy back in the day
    [[ Hopefully one day I will… before I'm bedridden ]]

  • You have a lovely voice, and I really enjoyed listening to what you have to say about Exalted. As someone who's written for the game line, you have my two-thumbs up, seal of approval!

  • You are absolutely right in that getting started with Exalted and introducing new players seems to be the hardest part about it.

    I started playing Exalted back in 2016 after introducing a friend to a webcomic called Kill Six Billion Demons. He kept making references to how it felt like an Exalted comic. One thing led to another and now I've been part of a 3 year (close to 4 years now) long campaign as a Twilight Caste traveling through Creation, trying to make life better for everyone.

    I am embarrassed to admit it, but for my friend it must have been like trying to get a kid to eat vegetables. I just kept refusing and turning it down, until he found a way to make it very easy to introduce me to the setting and help me understand everything in it. Once I was in, I was hooked and I've loved Exalted ever since.

    This was a very well done video, your English is very good and the music at the beginning helps set the mood. I hope this channel continues and finds some real success and helps more people learn about Exalted.

  • I wouldn’t worry about your English, it’s very good, you almost sound like a native speaker. All in all, nice video.

  • Played second edition and had a lot of fun playing it and i really love the setting. Saw the third edition and got very interested in it and decided to buy the heavy premium one. That was more than two years ago and only arms of the chosen have been released after. One of the core supplement has not yet been released – What fire has wrought. I got really exited about the game but the lack of book supplement and the time it takes to release them have made me decide to let Exalted 3rd go, in favor to other rpg:s

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