Fix: Unable to run Steam games in Windows


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Here are some additional issues you may encounter on the way:

Steam games not working Windows 10 – Windows 10 is now the most popular gaming platfom, so Steam issues are more common than on other operating systems.
Games won’t launch Windows 10 – Even if the game you’re trying to launch is not connected to Steam, you could try some of the solutions from this article (not related to Steam, of course).
Windows 10 games not working – If your Windows 10 games are not working, read this article for potential solutions.

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  1. come on man- "check for my guide" than you offer a cleaning disk system which charge you money. this video is a NO GO

  2. I got the fix for you guys. Go to Steam > Settings > Downloads and then once you are in the menu, click the button that say clear download cache. 🙂

  3. Yeah nuh it doesn't solve the problem like the game Yesterday it is broken on windows 10 crashes at launch.


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