Fridgestuck: SBURB Game Races, 1/2 (Facts/Theories)


Happy 4/13! Let’s celebrate Homestuck by learning about the the quirky and mysterious Game Races that populate the Medium!
Where do #Underlings come from? Why do certain kids have certain #Denizens? /Why are #Consorts?/
… Find out in this episode!

Ending Gag: “They ask you how you are and you just have to say that you’re fine…” Meme

Music by Kevin MacLeod, (Disco Medusae, Mighty Like Us, Trio for Piano Cello and Clarinet, Air Prelude, Odyssey, Frost Waltz)

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  1. 6:34 Both kinds of game constructs exist as a part of the lands name. Which means the Frogs on LoRaF and LoFaF are game constructs too.
    9:40 He was also associated with storms and smoke — a "dark reflection" of Breath, and the "shade" part of LOWAS.
    11:36 It's both backwards, and misspelled. It should be ילדבאות.
    12:27 The thing is that it represent two things: the flawed creator of a flawed creation, or a tyrant trying to control people from understanding the things he can't understand. Karkat represents the first aspect of Yaldabaoth, Caliborn the second, and Dirk both (though Caliborn has a lot of flawed creation too).
    15:17 Nice reference.

  2. Question for you Miss Jen: what are your thoughts if Homestuck becomes an animated series one day? Do you think it could work?

  3. 2:27 You've probably gotten this comment before, but in case you haven't Sessions don't need to lack Prototypings to be Null. The distinction is merely that it's fated to fail. Void Sessions, where no Pre-Entry Prototypes occur at all, are a subtype of Null Session, and Dead Sessions, where there's only one Player, are a subtype of Void Session, so it would've been more accurate to say "Void Sessions" since both the Alpha Kids' and Caliborn's Sessions fall under that umbrella.

  4. Gnosticism ks a bonding of platonic ideals with cristianity yaldebouth is how the late gnostic cristian greeks were able to come to terms with how a perfect god made an imperfect world of suffering, Abraxas created aeons, personifications of ideas, the aeon of light had wanted to know what it was like to create and made Yaldebouth

  5. 11:36 – as usual with these kind of videos…. your hebrew is spelled in reverse. it's ילדאבהות not תוהבאדלי. hebrew is right to left

  6. As far as the Frog Temples go, I believe that they are created by the game, like Prospit, Derse, the Battlefield, ect. so the ones in the Veil have always been in the Veil. As far as the temples reconstruction on Earth / other planets, I see two possible options.
    1) The temple grows and recreates it self. Think of it less as building and more of a plant. The crashed Temple is the seed and the new one grows where it landed.
    2) The crashed Temple Acts as a portal for the Carapacians to travel through. They recreate the Veil Temple on the site that it will eventually crash on. Once completed, they abandon the temple for the players to use later. It would explain why Jack, a high ranking agent, as well as the White King would know that the flower within the Temple could transport them to a place beyond the kid's session.

  7. OK we get it you're an evangelical you can stop being phobic of other religions, generally a bigot, and just being a bit of an asshole on the subject. If other people can keep their religious beliefs to themselves and stop being hateful about others, so can you, it's really not that hard to have your beliefs be personal and respect everyone else.

  8. I think the frog temple grew because the command stations also grew out of a meteor as well as rose and kanaya's house

  9. Optimistic/revolutionary duelist goes in depth about gnostic influances in homestuck and how the denizens are symbolic representions of their player in his medium papers

  10. Awesome video, as always! 😀 I can't wait for the part 2!!! (I'm hoping to hear about the MSPA Reader among the first guardians ^w^)

  11. Happy 413! My first one to be precise, started reading after ur videos made me really really interested 3 months ago. Thank you! 🙂


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