Game Maker: Studio – 3D Home Invasion Horror Game


Hello guys!
This is a 3D first person home invasion horror game. Quite a mouthful if you ask me.

You play as a lawyer in his late 30s, who tried to defend a murderer in court. He knew the man was a lost cause and was definitely guilty. So he kind of like messed up on purpose and put the man in jail.

The man in question escaped from prison and was not very pleased that his lawyer did such a poor job. The lawyer’s wife and kid were moved to a secret location where the killer could not find them. He has not seen them in many months.

The killer’s motive is: “When it storms, I’ll visit you.” That storm has finally arrived.

Thank you very much for watching. Please tell me what you think of it and what I need to improve on. Thanks!

I used Blender to create the environments, for the textures and artwork, crayons for the kid’s drawing and Game Maker: Studio 1.4 for the game itself.


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  1. Hello everyone,
    This is not about the video this person made…
    I am looking for a really good Horror Game maker. I comment on random videos to see if I have luck.
    I had a really crazy dream. I wasn't in the horror game… I was watching someone play that horror game on Youtube in my dream. I won't say more details about that Horror dream. But I thought it was really good.
    So if anyone knows someone who can make horror games, can you please comment their Youtube channel name/ Email address/ whatever they have down there?
    Thank you so much!❤

  2. Waow….
    I'm also a GMStudio user, and i'm also creating a 3D Game with GMS1.4 ( )
    But your game is just … waow… excellent : you are really good 😉
    Keep up the good work

  3. This is incredible, so I subscribed. This is the least I could do, so if you want something anything, just talk to me.

  4. How is it you're able to make the player move around on the floor and adjust the z position so it appears that he is going up the stairs? I can never figure that out and i been trying to find out so I can make 3d terrain

  5. Son of a gun, I legit jumped! Nice pacing. Curious, you are working in version 1.4 is it possible to do this kind of 3D in GMS 2?

  6. Wow i'm using game maker for 6 years and i can't even draw a box properly in 3D yet you do something like this, i imagine what you could do with a "gta-like" game, since Game Maker is known for having ugly gta clones (Crimelife 3 which was by far the best one is still considered a "joke" by players), i hope in the future you will make a 3d car tutorial, that's the hardest thing for me


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