GameMaker: Studio – Cameras & Views Tutorial


Cameras, Views, whatever you want to call it. Making the screen follow a character, and controlling it’s size and shape. This video covers the basics of setting up views.

More advanced stuff, such as controlling views through code, megaman style room transitions and so on to come.

I just released a new game!

Sorry there was no video last monday, I was very busy with Animex 2013 at Teesside University. I’ll be writing about that whole experience on my blog sometime soon. (

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Intro clip animation by Hassan Otsmane Elhaou –
Intro music by Matthew Harrington –


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  1. Is there a way to change between view0 and view1 mid game? I have two objects for my player due to the different abilities one has over the other. since there's only two, i wanted to know if it was possible to switch views so that it continues to follow the player even though the object has actually changed

  2. Тупое до безобразия видео, в названии видео стоит "туториал", а как установить вид в коде ничего не сказано

  3. Very useful my man. apparently, all the written tutorials and info out there about GMS are crap. So happy there is people like you jumping in to save noobies like me!

  4. Question, how do you zoom out in the room screen? I use particurally big rooms and i can't see anything because of only left right, up down movements!

  5. If u have a small sprite how do u get the camera more zoomed in on it instead of it looking all blurry?

  6. If I do this, how do I keep my health and ammo thats draw on the screen to stay with the camera? because I have mine on the top of the screen but it doesn't follow

  7. Yo, how do you make the character stay to the far left of the screen, while the camera follows the dude as he is moving to the right?

  8. i always keep getting this error

    ERROR in
    action number 1
    of Draw Event
    for object obj_flashlight:

    Trying to use non-existing surface.
    at gml_Object_obj_flashlight_Draw_0 (line -1) – {

  9. It might be a silly question but, how can I stick stuff like score and lives etc. to a corner of my screen?
    When the camera follows player, score stays in the place where I told it to draw. I need to get in a place where score gets in my view. I need it to stay still at for example top left corner. How do I do that?

  10. When it comes to <Vbor>, is there a way to set a maximum value above the object's sprite and another one below, independent from the first?
    It seems that it isn't possible in the <views> tab, yet I was wondering if it could be programmed with code.

    Amazing video, as always.

  11. This is how I found your channel, almost 2 years ago now. Although I haven't consistently been working with game maker this entire time, you tutorials have been very helpful! Thanks for all of your hard work Shaun!

  12. Hey!
    In the video, Shaun has black walls in the room, but when he runs the game, they have a texture. If anyone could link a video showing me how to do that, that would be amazing!

  13. Hey, I'm working on a game and I need help!
    I want the Width and Height of the room equal to the entire screen, not fullscreen, but just the entire screen in windowed mode. Also I don't want it to overlap the taskbar at the bottom of the screen.

  14. How can i do it so, that it follows a object, but (room is vertical, and obj moves up) it follows the object only when going UP and let the view stack/not move when the obj falls? Thank you! Else best videos for GM:S on YT!

  15. Hello, do i need to create more objects for different textures ?That will cause that i must add every object to the collision code in my player start event.Thanks for answers.

  16. Every Time i try to make the camera go to my character it always blurs. how do i fix that? My character size is 32×32 but im not sure that is why its so blurred.

  17. I haven't seen the full videos or any tutorials past this. But as someone who's spent a LOT of time redesigning platformer levels for a friend of mine…

    0:44 WHAT IS THAT MAGIC. In the editor all the blocks are black but when you play it it all magically turns into bricks that go well with each other.


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