GOLF: The Game-Changer Left Wrist Move For Hitting The Ball Solid


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We did a video a that you guys love called the GAME CHANGER (RIGHT) WRIST MOVE FOR HITTING THE BALL SOLID It just so turns out that I have a left wrist game changer move for hitting the ball more solid as well!

So, during the downswing, during the impact phase, there is a very specific way that your left arm and wrist and hand should move to hit your irons solid. Part number one is learning to get your left wrist into flexion or bowed a little bit.

To do this, during the downswing I really want to focus when my left hand is about hip high – or my left hand is even with my right leg – to the time my left hand is even with my left leg.What I want to feel here is an increase in left wrist flexion or bowing. I don’t want to do it at the top of the backswing or the initial part of the downswing. I want to do it from right leg to left leg.

Some of you guys don’t like this, but It’s okay for you to feel like your hands and arms are doing something through impact.

The second part is supination, which is just arm rotation. During that same phase of the downswing, I’m rotating my arm. Essentially, the thumb on my left hand is going from forward (towards the camera in this video) to towards the target.

Then I put my wrist flexion in with that. I’m flexing and rotating. I’m really feeling like when I get to my left leg, my left hand is curled under all the way. And when you do it and you do it well, you should pure it and it should be a little bit of a pull hook. Eventually you’re going to add some rotation or kick your path and then it’s going to straighten out.

We gave you the right wrist move at the top. Now we’re giving you a left wrist move at the bottom. So, you guys should be hitting the ball really well. Left wrist flexion and supination with a little bit of body turn is the utopia.

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  1. Hey Guys- Hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving Holiday!

    Our apologies for this video being a bit blurry. We are playing with a new camera as Mary got us all kinds of new goodies that will make our videos better moving forward! So say THANKS to Mary!

    She didn't want to post, but she knows I hate re doing things 🙂 AND I thought it was good stuff for you guys to hear so let's work around it!

  2. A weaker grip will NATURALLY Bow the left wrist at the top of the back swing and start of the downswing. Check it out in the mirror.

  3. Hey Eric, I love both videos, I’ve been trying this for weeks now but 80% of the time I’m hitting the ball left of the target, this only happens with my irons. I put down alignment rods to help me make sure my target lines are good. I’m thinking my left wrist is bowed at impact but the club face is closed.

  4. Eric, this may be one of your best vids you have created. If the average joe would go out with a sand wedge in their yard and hit 10-20 yard shots using the method in this video, I think they would understand very quickly what you are teaching.

  5. See Eric ? This is where a hobby useless player as I, gets confused. At 5.50 on here, I’m sure it’s what Mr Makaska showed you on his video how the so called throwing the right hands on the ball oath looks like. But your path looks like it will hook the hell out of me ball. No doubting you, as I wish I could be 1/16th good as you, just what I feel watching the two paths.

  6. You said initially you'll get a pull hook but I couldn't understand what you said to do to correct that. Something about adding rotation and???

  7. Color me crazy, confused, disoriented but surely the video with Malaska right hand did not have left hand supination? Go slower as this seems to contradict something that made sense.

  8. Eric. Thank You. Sincerely from the bottom of my heart. You two videos focused on the left wrist with flexion and supination got my swing back on track. I have a self-taught swing that served me pretty well for over 20 years and getting my index down to about a 4, but 10 months ago, I started developing a horrible shhhh….um…hosel shot. I refuse to even say the S-word again. That messed me up so badly, I lost all confidence and tried for months to fix it, with no success. I then paid some big bucks to go to a PGA pro for 6 lesson, who immediately identified that my swing path was bad but despite practicing literally every day for the next 4 months, I was not able to improve my ball striking. I started watching your videos and this one in particular, showing that "IT IS OK to feel like your hands and arms are doing something through impact", and that simple statement unlocked a major mental block for me. So many of these teachers of the "modern swing" frown upon any real hand action and the fact is, we aren't Tommy Fleetwood and just can't do it that easily!! When I started to consciously add in the "feel" of bowing and supination, I started hitting the ball and imparting dynamic loft after just a few swings. You were right. The first few swings were pull hooks but I immediately felt a difference and was able to make the adjustment and hit the ball longer and more solidly than I have in years. I wish you taught out here in Southern California, but I can't thank you enough for sharing this secret and making it easy to understand. I can't wait to get back on the course to see if I can repeat this swing consistently. Keep up the great work! – Vic S.

  9. Love your videos! I'm getting really deep into wrist motions and trying to put things together. So is this type of swing without radial/ulnar deviation? I have tried all sorts of feels with my wrists-rolling, hinge/unhinge(extension/flexion) and all sorts of combos. Currently I have discovered "throwing" my right hand under-sort of like a chop. In addition to the left wrist bowing and rotating doesn't it need to uncock(left wrist ulnar right wrist ulnar) somewhere in the downswing? When I throw my right hand chop the club momentum rotates into supination without me adding effort.

  10. Eric, with the twist away drill in the take away, then dropping in slot with this drill combined….money! It's all about rotation for shot shape after that….good stuff dude

  11. I have a tendency to supinate without flexion. I hit the ball really straight but it’s short and sometimes difficult to hit a draw. I also have a neutral grip. I think if I can work on drilling this flexion piece in, I’ll probably get more distance and better trajectory. Do you think I’ll need to swing more to the right? Seems that this delofts the club by closing the face. Seems like shots would start further left

  12. While DJ has the Flexed left wrist on downswing, we understood he "strikes" the ball at the last possible minute.

  13. The movement at about 5:55 shows me why all of my hockey player friends have good golf swings too, interesting!

  14. Eric… the feeling your looking for is the back of the left hand pointing at the ground AFTER the hand passes the left thigh ? Thanks

  15. I love this video but can you tell me if I have to train my self to do this with my left hand or should it be automatic? Also when and where do the hands past the center of the chest in the golf swing?

  16. I've watched thousands of videos and this is one of the best explanations. I like the explanation of step 1, bow wrist & step 2, roll for arms. Practice 50 yard shots with wedge and than expand this movement in to full swing.

  17. Eric, after trying this bowed left wrist at impact and taking divots, my wrist feels as though I have sprained it, is this a common problem?

  18. I have the problem as stevie dee , draws and hooks are easy and natural for me. I need help specially with the driver , other than being left handed golfer [ wish you would use lead and trailing terminology o well please the masses] the only way i can use my driver is severe body tilt or hold off on release but loose distance ,any thoughts???

  19. so, how do you deal with the pull hook with that move…??? (for those who are fighting the "left side" for most of their golf-life)

  20. Will try to get this into my swing. Not sure if I can. I seem to have ingrained a wrist flick with a lot of shots going weak right. This will be a big change.

  21. Please let me know how it's possible to control your hands when they are moving FAST between your right thigh and left thigh. The whole golf swing takes about 1 second or a bit more. The time lapse between right thigh and left thigh is literally in the thousands of one second. I'm nowhere near that coordinated to do this. If anything, it will probably cause me to break a bone in my wrist trying to do it. I don't think you really do this kind of move at all. I think you raise your arms UP AND DOWN as you rotate your chest back and through during the swing. It's the rotation of your upper torso that makes the club face appear to rotate. You are merely cocking your wrists up and down relative to your right shoulder so if you didn't turn your chest, you would be "hammering" the club up and down somewhere opposite your right foot. The butt end of the grip would be pointing to or outside of your right pelvis. Do this and then add the rotation of your chest back and through as a timed movement and you've got the golf swing without any artificial maneuvering of your hands.

  22. How does one not hit it left, particularly with long irons/driver? As a previous arm rotation guy on tee backswing avoiding the pull hook is a challenge. No doubt my striking has improved greatly from these wrist angle tips and drills, so thank you Eric.


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