Homeland: The Game Review

Homeland: The Game Review

Sorry for the confusing explanation regarding soldiers and agents. Make sure you have annotations enabled!

Intro (00:00); game overview (2:26); end game scoring (15:11); final thoughts and review (18:01);

Homeland: The Game
Gale Force Nine

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  • "If you're the politician, you kinda behave like a terrorist"…LOL, Joel. So that would make this more of a simulation experience?

  • excellent review joel.i just bought this piece but not played yet.i think lot of people who enjoyed BSG or DoW will not like this.its not a lot of a cooperative traitor game.more of a social deduction bluffing race game for victory.i dont mind that team victory aspect becouse it could influence the game quality at different player counts{big problem with BSG or SoC}.at lower count its a quick bluffing race game.in larger group a good bluffing thriller.i just started to watch black sails cant wait what GF9 is gonna do with that.thanks

  • Hi 🙂

    One small "correction" around the 8:00 when you explain where players have to play cards… the 1st card must go to a case claimed by another player… you can't put it in an unclaimed case… this means that the starting player in the game will only play 1 card because all other cases are unclaimed and therefor he can't play a card there

    around 10:40 I don't think you have to deploy all of your soldiers or agents… you can choose how many you want to deploy… 

    You can only make 1 deployment of soldiers per turn, and you choose how many to move (if you have 3 you can move only 1 or 2, you don't have to move all) so all that you deploy go to the same case…

    and the same is true for agents… 
    you can make 1 agents deployment on your turn and you decide how many you want to deploy… you have to deploy them all to the same case, but can be a different case than the one you deployed the soldiers (pag.13 of the rulebook)

    The game is Great! 🙂

  • Well, this game didn't kick for me. And I love DoW, BSG, Shadows over Camelot and so on. The theme did not come through. I felt like I was doing boring paperwork in a CIA office instead of huntig terrorists and deducing who is plotting against us. There was no communication on the table when we played Homeland. First rounds were somewhat boring and mechanical, and you kind of stay in the dark all the time about the chances to deal with the different threads. Then, when the threads reached the top row, surprise! We lost the game instantly.

  • GF9 is the master of stealth and keeping their games hidden or under the radar.  I'm not a MBA but that's not how I would run a business, but thankfully their games are fun/well designed that word-of-mouth sells itself.  The minute I heard about this game AND GF9 was behind it, I knew I had to check it out.

    I saw Nick's review and he was very lukewarm to it.  

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