How To Fix Steam Showing Games as Uninstalled (Easy Fix)


Hey guys! So today I will be bringing you all a guide on how to fix an issue where Steam lists your installed games and uninstalled, this seems to be a pretty common issue so today I am here to show you all how I managed to fix that. Enjoy!

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  1. Thanks so much!!!! I was so scared when my CS:GO needs to be installed, i was just playing bhop servers yesterday, I opened my PC and whalla its uninstalled, I paniced so much because I have spent 2524$ in csgo!!!!

  2. I'm having an issue with rainbow six siege. I bought the siege on a alt account of uplay then I could not find the installed game on steam.

  3. To those still having these issues try this. Go to steam settings > downloads > steam library folder > add library folder > choose the folder where your previous "steam library" folder the one that created when you installed the game then click select, lastly right click both folder and click repair library folder. It fixed my issue hope it can fix yours too.

  4. July 12 2020 this is still working! Thank you so much I have been looking for a solution to this problem for over one hour and tried multiple methods and this is the only one that worked and was very quick!

  5. I'm having this issue, but I don't have enough space to do that it needs 15gig free but I only have 5, I dont want to delete games just so I can validate its happened so much, I'm about to give up on steam… is there a way to validate files without clicking install, because it thinks there are no files.

  6. I need help my gta5 says unstalled and I wait 15 hours no joke and I don’t have enough go to install again please help me

  7. i have a problem of when i use my external drive that i have to keep unplugged or it randomly opens a menu and makes me unable to type if i try many times. but when i unplug it i always have to reinstall the game. i dont have enough space on my pc to play all the games that i wish to play which is why i do this

  8. I did it without even moving the game to a different drive/SSD and it recognized that the game files were there and it did the same thing it did for him but except i did not have to move the game files to a different drive

  9. i dont get it ? how does this help? so i need too move my games from my 8tb hdd to my m.2 sdd,? i cant see the fix in it

  10. so basically this is so fucking stupid i have gta and it takes 10 years to re install you coul have just said re install thats all it is

  11. if you got a game half the size of your storage "ARK 240GB" then you have no choice but to delete half your game and let steam download half of your files which takes hour which you deleted in mere seconds. which BTW was already there just not recognized which really shows how much I love steam. 😊

  12. It suck when happening after i downloading yesterday and now wanted download again.. Suck seriously.. Only one solution that it came from u.. Anyway thank..

    It too much tired with this steam stupid bug.. Too much data i lost just for wanna play one game..

  13. it's easier way just to go to STEAM/ settings / Downloads / Steam library folders / and add that folder where the game is, it will save your time .

  14. what if you only have one disk and the game is telling you to reinstall?

    thats whats happening to me and i have no idea how to fix it.

  15. It didn’t work the first couple times I tried but I kept trying and it let me play Rust! It worked, thanks a bunch.

  16. You just helped me dodge a HUGE bullet with this video. My Steam got messed up for no reason and I thought I would have to spend an ENTIRE MONTH redownloading my games. Thank you!

  17. did you not still install on to your E? like i could just delete whats installed and redownload it… in the same amount of time


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