How to Make Your Own Dice | Spooky Halloween Edition


In this video, I create 4 different styles of dice based off of Subscriber suggestions! Skull, Pumpkin, Nerd and Googly Eye dice for a frightening spook-tacular video!

In this video I use molds from both my Giant d20 dice video, my sharp edged dice video, and my 24k gold dice video. Links to these videos can be found on my channel, as well as in the cards at the upper right corner of the screen whenever I first show each of the molds.

Look, sometimes DnD needs to get spookier. It’s called Dungeons and Dragons after all, not playhouses and puppies. (Though I would totally play that game.) So I thought it was about time we got some spooky dice on this channel.

If you have any questions on the build, let me know in the comments. I do my best to answer each one when I can get to it.

Amazon Affiliate Link to the Big d20 Dice:

Amazon Affiliate Link to the resin material that I used. Available in smaller batch sizes as needed:

Amazon Affiliate Link to the mold material I used:

Amazon Affiliate Link to the CItadel Skulls I used:

I also used plastic cups, pop-sickle sticks, pipettes, and various materials from Hobby Lobby or Michaels, and I always end up needing something from Amazon. I got the casket on sale at Michaels for like $4. 🙂

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  1. Anyone else expected him to roll them a few times? I was shouting "ROLL 'EM!" when he showed the googly eyes ones.

  2. I think your bone dice may have a higehr chance of hitting certain numbers cus the skulls all bunched up in one area 😛

  3. Yo, I'd love to see you take one of those plastic round eyeballs and encase it in the big d20. You know, the eye that has liquid and a eyeball in it that looks around. Perfect beholder dice.

  4. I think a really light pastel pink or yellow would look good with the nerd dice. Just a bit more interesting than a plain white.

  5. the dice with the skulls inside is hilarious to me for some reason. they're just little dudes, vibing, minding their own business

  6. Im 3 months late to this, but I'd go 100% a copperish gold red for the skull dice

    black + red never goes wrong.

  7. Hey man, nice videos and work in general. I really like the skull dice set and it gave me a somewhat stupid idea… have you ever tried to inject your ink below the surface of your resin, before swirling? Maybe even tried to use a syringe to deploy tiny amounts of ink into the mold itself and swirling it in there? Thinking of taylor-couette-flow principle… heres a nice example that might give you an idea of what i mean: Could be worth a test run, maybe…

  8. for the skulls you probably could have done it bit by bit not all at once maybe that would have yielded better looking effect with skulls floating more spaced apart from one another.

  9. NECROMANCER DICE. hhhh I nEED dice with little bones and skulls in them. Luckily i just bought some owl pellets, so I think I know what I'm gonna do with the extra bones

  10. My fiance is super critical of how balanced dice are, but oh man I love the bone ones. I'd make them for my brother (who plays a death army on the table top) but alas, not really in my skill set.

  11. LOL the one with the little skulls, I thought where popcorn at first. I was not completely paying attention, and glance at it, "Oh Popcorn," I thought.

  12. so recently youtube started recommending me your videos and ive watched 5 and so far youve convinced me to buy silicone, resin, a pressure pot and to get back into dnd

  13. Really late to the comments party, but the skull dice are so cool. And I actually like how they floated because the look like piles of skulls if that makes sense

  14. For better skull dice use the plastic skulls to make a high temp mold and make lead skulls and feel free to fill the mold with them. So they are heavy but not unbalanced


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