Kerli – Feral Hearts (Official Music Vídeo)


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The visuals and music you have just experienced are inspired by Kerli’s year of ascetic solitude in the magical forests of Estonia.

The release of “Feral Hearts” marks the beginning of a new chapter written under the Eastern European Moon while connecting with the plants, animals and spirits of her ancient home land.

We got seduced by the Sirens of The White River in Nõmmeveski, weaved the yarn of destiny with the Spider Goddess in Viru Bog, wandered into the plant kingdom with the Tree Spirit by Tädu Kuusk, and chased our vision of the majestic White Stag in the woods of Viimsi.

Explore these magical destinations for yourself.
Nõmmeveski –
Viru Raba –
Tädu Kuusk –
Viimsi Mets –

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  1. Blackness of the eyes " owl " that circles of the sky
    scared as deep " angles " will weep
    moon that circles the sky " witch " opens her eyes
    darkness of the night " chanting " to the stars that shine bright

  2. Does anyone happen to know the name of the child actress who played her part in this music video?
    I would love to be able to support her and her career, if so!

  3. Just discovered Kerli last night, and have played this song about 90 times in the last 24 hours. I'm obsessed with the utter beauty.

  4. I love her music it's different everyone does not have to be the same an being open minded and obsivering it an then understand it an support

  5. t's time of global awakening, dude Kerli. Stop BS the masses. Stop promote satanism and glamourize mk ultra. You're a male, boy, IT IS dramatically visible. You all wannabe/celebrities are reversed. More and more of us see you through. The game is over.


  7. Сова,Рога,маленькая девочка,русалка… Зеркала,вход в другой мир(портал)что происходить с миром?
    Что вы рекламируете???

  8. Unsure of the referencing of the child, looking as pretty as a button, floating through a forest?! Ya think!! the antlers are the give away of what TRUE meaning this song represents.. The sad little world of being a star and the UGLY price you pay.. sad why children are used in filmclips with subliminal messages.. Sick and sad Feral hearts..

  9. WwW.許多國家沒有電視.由於地域偏遠.為方便救援.而使用雙向視訊的電腦通訊.號稱網路無國界.也就是每個人都能當電腦螢幕的主角.而不是單向放映的電視台.觀看的人就像望者雜貨店流口水的小孩.許多國家說入境中華民國臺灣時.舉報臺灣的環境汙染.但是無單位出面處理.此時要以何種立場讓臺灣加入世界衛生組織呢?也有人說馬路上有許多菸蒂造成公害.但是從未聽說有車輛輪胎壓到菸蒂而破胎車禍.倒是馬路上的玻璃碎片和螺絲鐵釘.常造成破胎.但卻無人舉報.這就很奇怪了??許多國家女子要從事色情行業.需要服完兵役.因為許多色情行業的訓練課程.比軍隊更辛苦…


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