Learn to Play Root in 24 Minutes (with updated rules)

How to play the Root base game with all factions and updated rules in 24 minutes (there’s some silliness in the front and back ends)
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Updated Rules:

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8:18 – I accidentally left a clearing empty that should’ve gotten a cat. Do what I said, not what I did. (Thanks to TutorialsForMom for this one)
16:40 – A new update to the Law of Root (published after this video) describes what’s called Full Removal: Whenever an enemy player uses an effect that says it removes all enemy pieces from a clearing (such as Alliance revolts, Favor of the Mice cards, Conspiracy bombs) with the Vagabond, the Vagabond damages three items. (Thanks to Rotten Jeeves for this one)
20:51 – If a tea, bag, or coins get exhausted, move it to the satchel. These can be moved back as soon as they’re refreshed. (Thanks to Grant Smith and laes25 for pointing this out)
23:53 – You become hostile to other factions by removing their warriors, not by removing any of their pieces (Thanks to Tyler Pacheco for spotting this one)
24:46 – If you perform “An Evening’s Rest,” repair and refresh all items instead of just repairing. (Thanks to David Kuling for noticing this)

Want to rewatch something?
Intro: 1:20
Set up: 2:12
Basics: 2:53
Battle: 3:51
Cards: 4:48
Ambush and Dominance: 6:00
Marquise de Cat: 7:43
Eyrie Dynasties: 11:10
Woodland Alliance: 15:06
Vagabond: 19:13

Had to remove the song at the end because copyright law is more confusing than I thought. Sorry folks.

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