Lets learn DBFZ! – Explaining the "fuzzy guard" technique!


Link to the tweet mentioned in the video: This should further help expand your knowledge of what is possible after this video! Fuzzy guarding is an “old” tech in that it’s been around for years in many fighting games, knowledge of this tech can help serve you in many other games!

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  1. Actually surprised I never covered fuzzies before now! I think I made one a year or so ago for SFV maybe but that's it. Anyways its an important technique and if you don't know keep it in mind if your character is capable of doing it!

  2. You know something is broken when a computer, with settings designed to be perfect, can't block a human driven mechanic. Please fix it bandai. Can they change the character models when standing to make taller characters lower to the ground or is that to much of an overhaul?

  3. Genuine curiosity: how is this allowed in esports? Anyone using this is literally exploiting the fact that the animation transition between standing and crouching block isn't instant to have a crazy 50/50.

  4. Why does this stuff not get patched out or tested before release when it's a fairly common thing.

    In this case it's surely not a gameplay decision and it severely impacts on balance (gotenks) and the extreme nature of aggression over defence is only worsened……. wonky hit boxes like this only serve to agitate players that are hit by something they shouldn't be normally and that's frustrating in any game.

  5. you explained fuzzy guard correctly, but what you demonstrated in the video wouldn't work because your timing was slightly off. when you have the dummy set to guard first only, you'll know when you did the fuzzy guard correctly when the dummy blocks the whole sequence.

  6. Cannot remember if you have a video on this or if you talked about it. How do you deal with someone that likes to up tech, up tech and back, or up tech and double jump after a hard knock-down??

  7. Rooflemonger Can you please make a video about movement how to train it and how to move like a pro in pressure, defence and neutral ???

  8. Top tier channel for all DBFZ fans. Always a pleasure to watch any video from you. Hope your efforts are noticed by Bandai.

  9. Man….loving the vids! If anyone can clarify something for me that'll be great. I play 16-Broly-Cell and let's say im Agiasnt SSJB Vegeta-SSJ Vegeta-Base Vegeta. I'm blocking and they go to mix up by doing an jump over head which i block, but then they seem to dash forward and hit me after i block the second attack as well. HOW?!

  10. thank you for explaining this because it has been pissing me off. i have a friend who ive been playing and i could see he was doing this and i was pissed because im wondering how is he was opening me up .

  11. sometimes i wish i could give you more than just one like. between you and Maximilon ive learned so many fundamentals!!! thank you so much for the work you put in and what you give back to the fgc!!!


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