Max Holloway reflects on his famous exchange with Ricardo Lamas at UFC 199 | @TheBuzzer | UFC ON FOX


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Holloway also said he’d be willing to do it again with Anthony Pettis at UFC 206 in Toronto.

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  1. He was winning? super dumb!
    And also? super necessary.
    Because it makes us happy.
    And I don’t care who ya r?
    That’s fuckkn weird😊👍

  2. This is what separates Max from Zabit. Zabit runs when he's ahead on points, Max is a warrior and throws down. Max would destroy Zabit

  3. 10 seconds of air besides a right and left by Max.
    I know I know I couldn’t do what they did. I don’t have the balls

  4. I've honestly 100% have watched UFC since UFC #1 when they fought multiple fights in a night like a pyramid tournament for a 25000 purse. No weight classes. I'm proud of what its become. I grew up watching boxing as well, my family runs a boxing gym. There's nothing like mma. Hands down. I've liked many UFC fighters but never got set on a favorite becausethd sport was so honest a champion is not protected like boxing champs , Ken shamrock was my first favorite balls to the walks beast , then his little brother really made mma. " Frank shamrock " was an evolved mixed martial artist . The list is so long. I can proudly say I am a max Holloway fan . My kids will root for this man because he truly fights with a warrior spirit. Every minute is beast mode mixed with intelligence. I'm from Fairfield California, they call me wicked. 36 yrs old c.y.a. baby now certified business man. Hard work baby! Good luck max this guy Ortega is great as well, nothing but respect for him. But this is why I like UFC. In the end proof is in the pudding

  5. Slow the speed to -0.5 and it sounds like Max's interview last weekend… I hope all is well with him on the real! Cant wait to see that dude go to war w/ Ortega.


  6. Anthony "Showtime" Pettis's weakness as a range striker is brawling and grappling. Max proved that well enough in their fight 5 days after this video was uploaded. Fighters like him and Edson Barboza ONLY close the distance when they go for the finish after hurting their opponents. Max was too much for him by default.


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