Minerva Final Thoughts

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A video outlining gameplay for the boardgame Minerva.

For more game info,

Part I: Gameplay Runthrough


Part II: Extended Gameplay


Part III: Final Thoughts


Nguồn: https://diaoc68.vn/

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  • The amount of indecision that seemed to occur in a taped test run makes me feel like the game would be intolerable… You'd end up with people whining to redo an unacceptable number of actions or alternately suffering excessive analysis paralysis.

  • I heard that this was picked up by another publisher. I'd love to know who it is, when they plan to release their version, and if they plan on correcting any of the aforementioned issues — better components, better two player rules/adjustments, etc. Anyone have a clue? Thanks!

  • Richard, am confused about something. I just read the rules again and it doesn't mention anywhere to remove the 3rd place glory tiles for a 2p game. But doesn't it make sense that it would be used for 3+player games only? How can there be a first place btween 2 players only?

  • Keep up the good reviews. I get a lot out of the information about the game, even though I often disagree with the conclusions that are based upon playing the games 2-player only(since I usually play with more).

  • My personal hypothesis about why 2 player testing is not as good in many games: When you have limited prototypes because of cost or time, it is easier to get more feedback the more people that are in each playtest. The reason why I think more boardgames are made/sold for more than 2 players is that there are a wider variety of (decent older, strategic, etc.) 2-player activities available outside of boardgaming. Tennis and pool to name a couple that I enjoy. My wife and I love to play designer boardgames, but there are some other things we enjoy doing when it is just the 2 of us and our gaming becomes more and more group-based, or 2 couples. We like to destroy each others stuff more than you and your wife do, though.

  • Two other (simpler) ideas for the two player house rule: Leave out the 2nd place glory tiles (maybe even the 3rd) to make the difference between 1st and last greater. Or, do something similar to the solitaire variant, where a dummy scores the same value as the round number. Thanks for the runthrough.

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