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  1. Mordhau is literally just a newer chivalry. It plays basically the same with some balancing fixes and considering how old Chivalry is the improvements aren't mind blowing. Been addicted to Mordhau but it bothers me that people shit all over Chivalry now when it's clear as day Mordhau wouldn't exist without it.

  2. I just want to know does Mordhau manage to set itself apart from Chivalry? On the surface they look very similar. I am getting mixed answers from people.

  3. Did you actually say that couching took skill? Couching is easy and op. Tap F while moving fast and you're ready to get a free kill while remaining nearly untouchable.

  4. Imagine comparing mordhau to chivalry.

    Chivalry is outdated, unmaintained, inactive and generally old.

    Mordhau has no comparison currently.

  5. Morhhau has great comba system, but its voring due tu its map and mode design. In Chivarly you had great maps with bottlenecks, where great battles were played. In Morhhau you have much more open designe, and most fights are the same.

  6. God I miss chivalry so much

    When I seen how dead the game had truly become I had a little bit of fun by turning on cheat engine and ramping up my speed to max to fuck with some spin spammers

  7. I prefer Chivalry because I like team objective more and I dislike Mordhau’s progression and customization system.

    In chivalry you knew what you were getting into with the 4 different troop types. The taunts are also FAR superior.

  8. I mean chiv is the only game that you can compare it to there isn't anything else remotely close to those two games


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