MTG – Is it worth it to attend GAME DAY? A Magic: The Gathering Event.


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Game Day is a seasonal event held shortly after each new Magic card set is released. At Magic Game Day, all players are invited to compete in the new standard environment with their constructed decks for the chance to win full art foil cards and a special Game day only champion’s playmat.

Game Day is a standard constructed event. To compete in Game Day, you will need a standard legal deck and an entry fee, typically $5-10.00. Beyond that, Game Day is like any other standard constructed event you may play in. You will be paired off against other players and compete to make Top 8, and then to take first place.

Game Day is held at your local game or hobby store. You can use the Store and Event locator on to find which stores are near you and wther or not they will be holding a Game Day event. Game Day events are all held on the same weekend, and Wizards announces this weekend well in advance.

For example, the Magic: Origins Game Day weekend is being held August 8-9. Unsure if your local game store is holding game day? Call them up and ask!

All players receive one full art magic card from the newest set. Yes, you heard me, just for sitting down to play you are given a gorgeous, sometimes even useful full art card.

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  1. im thinking about getting rid of all my none standard cards, and start being a card shark.then attend tpq's that way I can do big events.

  2. For some reason my LGS hands out only 5 full art rares. 2 to 1st place and 1 to each player who ranked 2nd to 4th. What should I do?

  3. I'm glad my LGS is free on most things….everything but the obvious, draft pre-release, etc… I can actually go. But if they charged? On top of my hour drive? Hell no.

  4. Mirrodin Besieged Gameday gave out a full art Memnite?!?!? I wish I wasn't like, 12 at the time. Memnite is a pet favorite of mine

  5. I would say at least go once and that its different for each lgs. my first time I got destroyed but I learned a lot about standard. my new lgs gives you two packs just for going!

  6. My locals always gives a random booster to one person who isn't in the top 3, they do this for everything from drafts to prerelease to standard tournaments to game day.

  7. no reason why because there is no way in hell your going to beat eldraze decks and some gay form of super friends o and the bull shit of malti deck hoppers that all run some to same forme of deck ya your not going to win and standard sucks as in sucks the soul out of your player's spirit 😫

  8. Hi professor, i agree with everything you say in this video, after Every game day i watch this video to remember myself what magic And especially game day is all About. Yesterday i win my very first game day from my favorite set eldritch moon. I Barely play a year so this is a milestone for me. But what i want say is thank you, And i say this because i started magic mostly because of you And Your enthousiasm. And because of Your enthousiasm i was able to push myself too not only to play with a standard deck but also to enjoy Every moment of the event, through misplay And good plays. So Again thank you.

    Yours sincerely vdcyggdrasil

  9. I'm not sure if I want to do game day. I feel like I will lose. I have a pretty decent deck and I always win with it when battling my family. My family are newer players so I'm not sure that I'm going to be good. Should I still try it out?

  10. Not Interested in keeping up with standard, but…would it be worth it to buy an Intro pack just to play with on Game Day?

  11. My community doesnt really play standard very much, is there a possibility for a game day in modern or is that not something stores can do?

  12. Normally I love game day in general and really like the cards offered and hope to get top 8. Unfortunately all the game stored near me have extremely high competition and many people that copy top 8 decks. I have only made it top 8 once and I was first that one time. I felt proud because I caught everyone by surprise. I ran my RG werewolf deck that I loved. As far as I could tell the only werewolf that saw play was just huntmaster of the fells. As I played my deck the game would grind to a halt vs all my opponent who acted like my deck was alien. I guess that is my I won. Unfortunately It was for m14. Gobin Diplomat is a card I can't seem to trade away. I'd at least be positive (even though I am not a fan of chandra on the mat) about the mat but of all my mats I own it fell apart and fast. All my others is fine, I don't know why. So bit sweet memory.

  13. I went to my first game day about two weeks ago, didn't win a single game but still got the Languish & Conclave promo and two booster packs, there was only like 6 or 8 people who signed up tho.

  14. The best part about Games Day is meeting the hardcore nerds who's life is MTG who get all pissy when you beat them.

  15. I'm not entirely sure how standard works, do you have to use cards from one set or whatever they're called? Or can you just use standard legal cards

  16. I won the fate reforged Ugin mat with a B/G enchantment deck and I won this game day (sword of the animist mat) with red deck wins goblin edition

  17. Went 4 and 0 in the round robin at my game store then lost in semis got 7 boosters and everything you should get in including a playmat the entry fee was 6 dollars

  18. Professor… I subscribe you channel because your videos are great, but… Now I don't have any kind of reason to play MTG anymore. My friends don't want to play, the nearest LGS is an hour away, and… It seems like I don't get any better… Making the same mistakes, over and over, not having fun at all getting crushed every game… I think my time has come… Maybe I'll come back to MTG, who knows, but… I don't know… 🙁

  19. I managed to top 8 the Game Day I attended!  After losing the first round to RDW, I was unmotivated for a bit, but I ended up winning the next 4 and was able draw and get a shiny Languish as a reward. Since I only came back to the game a couple weeks ago, it felt especially great as it confirmed my decision to return to Magic. It's not all about winning, but you can't argue that it isn't fun.

  20. Hi professor my name's Michael chef Michael to be more specific but Michael none the less I just attended my first game day in two years I made top eight and got that languish card I played black green elfs and the prior two weeks place 3rd at my local FnM I love your videos I wish you the best of luck in life thank you for in a way inspiring me to get back into magic

  21. I won two and traded for a third promo Languish this weekend.  SO AWESOME.  They immediately went in my deck.  Game Day weekend is my favorite.


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