Paradise Island Craft: Sea Fishing & Crafting – Android Gameplay HD

Paradise Island Craft Sea Fishing & Crafting by Tiny Dragon Adventure Games
* Explore the sea. The underwater world awaits!
Love swimming? Sailing? Diving? Fishing? Craft a boat and enjoy sea safari adventure! Sail on the deep blue ocean and meet its flora & fauna: bass fish, salmon fish, whale, sea horse, sea turtle, shark, mermaid or even true sea monster! Waters around this paradise island are like an ocean zoo! See it from your yacht, speedboat or motorboat or dive like an extreme diver! Watch how underwater colorful fishes eat fish while enjoying underwater exploring in the deep ocean. Get a sea pet! Let’s fish, but not underwater. It’s not one of these nonsense deep sea fishing games, where such a ridiculous fishing is a feature. If you’d really like to use a fishing rod and square hook to catch a wild fish, get back on a yacht or beach, where you can build and decorate a fisherman hut.
* Experience the best summer fishing features
Yes, we love fishing games too! That’s why in our fishing game you’ll find plenty opportunities to fish! Look for a proper location and get use of your fishing rod – either on a boat or from a shore of a paradise island. Fishing may be dangerous – keep eyes on the ball! In the sea of a paradise island you’ll not only find the bass, salmon or other wild fish in your fish net, but also a real sea monster! Compete with other fans of fishing. See who’s got the biggest catch on a square hook and become a fishing champion! Get your reward: glory, fame or even a boyfriend, girlfriend or… mermaid from the sea! Craft new rods and gear! Let’s fish – sport fishing at its best!
* Life’s a beach. Boys & girls craft fun!
Paradise island is a perfect place for boys & girls! Craft a city of your dreams from square blocks. Boys will love to play beach soccer game, while girls craft fun starts in beach makeup salon, but doesn’t end there! It’s not one of the shopping games for girls, but you can still visit a spa and nail salon or enjoy beach volleyball game with handsome boys! Craft & build any building you want in a blocky cube world. Take a favorite pet with you – they’ll love to meet other zoo animals from paradise island, either from the isle and city itself (dog, cat, horse, little pony. cow, deer) or a sea (bass fish, salmon fish, whale, sea horse, sea turtle, shark). Take your beach adventure to the other level and build a city on the sea! Crafting & building game with exploration lite in a sandbox world for boys & girls. Craft your own paradise island experience while crafting and building and spearfishing.
* Visit other parts of paradise archipelago
Your exploration lite experience doesn’t end on the paradise island. Sail to any other isle from the archipelago and explore lush jungles. Enjoy a little safari adventure, meet wild animals or even people from a tribal village. Look around – you may find a pirate island with a treasure hidden on a derelict pirate ship! But beware: you may also find a deadly archer from pirate legends… It’s not a pirate romance, so watch for any blocky boat!
– Exploration lite of blocky cube paradise island.
– Fun activities on a beach for boys & girls.
– Sailing on a deep blue sea.
– Diving underwater. Sea safari!
– Fishing & crafting gear. Let’s fish with better rods!
– Wild exploration of other isles of archipelago, including pirate island.
– Multiplayer!
– More boats to sail.
– More fishes to catch.
– More items to craft for girls & boys.
– More isles with pirate treasure hunt missions.
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