Passive Income For Game Developers – 5 Ways To Make It

Passive income is the ultimate form of income…and as a game developer sometimes its hard to stay afloat while you’re working on a long term project. I share 5 tips to generate this income.
67 Tips for Game Developers:

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  • Very well spoken. I am not in the field of game development, although it's something I have considered. I do however enjoy creating assets and I am going to consider learning more and maybe start selling them. Thank you for the tips, I'm subscribing!

  • I don't think there's anything wrong with the word "passive income"?
    Breathing is passive but you're body is still doing something.

  • hey Tim. nice video, thank you. u talked about selling assets. on other vieos u like to talk about marketing. have you any thought on marketing of assets, say 3d models that are in some shop, like unity asset store, turbosquid or cgtrader? would be very helpful for some of us. thank you.

  • My brother is a millionaire. He spent the first 28 years of his life losing money on get rich quick schemes. He became a millionaire by opening his own company and working his ass off.

  • Hey Mr. Ruswick. Nice videos. I was curious about passive income vs freelancing when it comes to assets. Sometimes I want to freelance assets for client game devs but notice their games are still very early on in development and not ready for finalized assets. In those cases is it better to sell those assets as passive income to the public or freelance the assets for a one time commission from the client. If you freelance assets for a client, I believe you no longer have ownership rights to sell the assets to the public.

  • What was your fps tool named? i also started my game making with fpsCreator 1.0 when it was New also DarkBasic and then DarBasicPro 😀

    my qt(Quick Tip): Wix is free somewhat easy and alott stuff for free with wysiwyg online editor web-hotel,
    i found it to have my web-site on for my game`s and Music and Photos for sale,
    i only sell Photo`s and Music album`s with nice License that only need to Credit me hehe(althoe no sales yett).
    what i think i(Personaly) need to do to get money fast sort of, is probly upload alott of my assets to asset store on Unity lot of work to do but might give me money to live.
    ps Norweigna with Dyslexia. 🙂 Great Video btw 😀

  • This is just superb, I have been researching "how to make residual income online" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about – Qonmily Passive Formality – (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my neighbour got excellent results with it.

  • Started with FPS creator aswell haha. Looking back, you weren't really able to make a proper quality game with it, it was just too buggy and too limited in its options but me and a good friend had a lot of fun with and it was just a nice little toy to get some people into actual gamedesign and creating what they actually want to create. good times

  • Some get into real estate or just rent out a bedroom or airbnb and use the income to fuel their indie game dev addictions.

  • Regarding selling 3D model assets, do you have any tips on how to find what sells? My first thoughts are finding models you don't see as much. I'm thinking of doing more research on models that are out there, and putting my a more unique version of it.

  • one word "bonds", to be more specific investment grade corporate bonds, around 7-8% yield per annum.

  • Great advice.
    The idea to sell unique assets or functions is genious.
    The very process may make more money them a short and sweet side scroller or w/e.

  • Another way for passive income: get a job that you do like, so it seems that you are paid for almost nothing.
    Of course, as Tim pointed, it requieres a loooot of effort beforehand. It's a long-term plan.
    I did it. I work till lunchtime. Then I have afternoon and evening for my family and myself (sport, dogs, coding …).

  • One of the most real guys I've come across on Youtube yet, here are the possiblities, the possible benefits, and the possible pitfalls……I like that. He doesn't feed you the everything is awesome and easy line. All too many people are told today….just do this and you will achieve your dreams and have everything you want….no its requires research and implementation and mentors like this guy…..nuff said….Subcribed! 🙂

  • I've made some tools like you suggested that fill a need for game development and I want to sell them. Where should I sell them?

  • For selling 3D models, I've found CGTrader to be the most reliable source of sales of all the marketplaces.

  • Dude. Fantastic ideas! Seriously love this. As someone who's on long term sick, and is self-teaching gamedev as a possible path out this has given me some cool paths to explore to try and get off of long term sick benefits, and slowly move off of benefits altogether (He says, knowing that his dream will most likely never happen)

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