[PC] Shivers (1995) – Full Playthrough

Platform: PC
Content information: Horror-themed. Dead bodies and depictions of killing (hanging, decapitation), no blood.
Recorded on VMWare Workstation emulating Windows 98.
Adventure game playlist:

Shivers is a horror-adventure game by Sierra about a haunted museum full of ghosts called the Ixupi. The object of the game is to solve puzzles in order to find “vessels”, and use those vessels to capture the Ixupi. It was well-received on its release for its horror atmosphere and non-linear gameplay, which were deviations from Sierra’s standard format. However, it also received criticism for the excessive backtracking required in the endgame.

What makes Shivers unique is its game design premise. Each vessel is made up of two parts: the pot, and the “talisman” or lid. In order to complete the vessel, you need to match up each pot with the correct lid. However, every time you play the game, most of the items are randomly scattered around the museum. This means the game is almost entirely non-linear, and each time you play the game will be different. You’ll need to take a different path through the museum to find all the vessels and capture each Ixupi.

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  • This game is pure masterpiece! The music, the atmosphere and the actor playing prof. Windlenot are just perfect 👍

  • I just want to say "THANKS" for going through all that work and posting it on here. I have not played my SHIVERS game for about a decade, and this brought it all back to my mind. I just wish Sierra would either update this for WIN 10 or sell the rights to a company that would. I still have my Windows 98 SE up and running, but naturally the game does not have the high definition that would really make the game pop!

  • It only NOW hit me… the voice overs that play when you hit the buttons in the different rooms of the museum sound exactly like Rod Serling. Given the nature of the game, that can't be a coincidence XD But man, I loved this game so much when it first came out… the whole idea of getting to explore this weird Ripley's-style museum was so appealing to a young, less cynical me who was completely obsessed with the strange and paranormal. This really took me back.

  • My favorite game series of all time. Appreciate the upload! I miss the days where there was no Internet lifeline and the only available guides were your own notebooks and scribbles.

  • Imagine if there was an enemy that would try to catch you near the end and you had to evade it. Kind of like Gabriel Knight 2, with the wolf chase/boiler room scene. Terrifying idea in this museum. Great video by the way.

  • thx, for the nostalgia , shivers and lighthouse was my 1st game on my 1st PC,

  • I bought this at Sam’s Club along with one of the Warcraft games. I played them for hours and can still remember jumping out of my skin when the water Ixupi attacks!

    I never beat this game as a kid, I wouldn’t go into the werewolf room because that figure creeped me out so much!

  • Omg I still have this game from when I was younger. PC games were my first video game experience. I remember being so scared to play this too lol.

  • I'm so excited that this is on GOG now. This was one of my favorite games in elementary school and I stil have my original PC copy. I just don't currently have an old set up to play it on.

  • Great video! Took a trip down memory lane. Is there any chance of you doing a Shivers 2 walkthrough?

  • The beginning of this is very wicked before starting the game up with the intro and when the game loads too.

  • You will probably get a lot of views now as the game is now available on GOG at an okay price. Just got mine today as my original Shivers game won't play on todays computers. I hope they will put the other one our too. The music in these games was really good and in this one really scary and eerie:) Thank you for doing this game!!

  • Don't think i've ever seen a video with no views lol. Either way thanks for putting it up to see all at once.

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