Remembering The RWBY Mobile Game Before It Closes For Good 😥 (RWBY手游)


You can view all the letters/concept art images I got from the site here (not including what I have on twitter):


You can download the game from here before the servers close:

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  1. Just to let you know for using google chrome to pull up images, when you went to download the image if you clicked on the option literally right above the download option, "open image in new tab" you could have directly opened the image and not go to the website.

  2. You sound like Honkai 3rd guy…. Are you him or do you just sound like him? I really am gonna miss this game though it is SOO much better than amity Arena

  3. Has anyone here ever heard of RWBY Amity arena. It's one of the only official RWBY games out there and when I mean official I mean created with or by roosterteeth

  4. I wish I would have known about this I want to play this game and my daughter and I would have been all about it.

  5. Ich just want to say y’all should read tomorrow and never again fanfic it’s a good read and is still being updated

  6. You forgot that there's also team attacks you can do bumblebee freezerburn and ladybug ( I've never seen ladybug so if you could do that please)

  7. History will forget RT unless a fraction of its existences still remember but rwby in other hand will be forever remember. It was a great show only to be destroyed by
    power hungry copoorate bastard and the greedyness of RT itself. One man legacy destroyed in favor wanted the show to be done as soon as possible soo RT can focus their more
    expensive and "well better shows" than rwby.

    Remember rwby for its good times and ignore Rooster Teeth for its bullshit practices

  8. With the massive mobile powerhouses like Honkai Impact, Girls Frontline, and Azur Lane, I suppose it makes sense that RWBY Mobile couldn't compete.

  9. You know what one of these days when i finally become the emperor of the world im totally gonna decree the change of the following words in the dictionary
    Booty : bottom heaviness
    Boobs: top heaviness
    Thiccc: very bottom heavy
    Busty: very high top heaviness


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