Root Board Game – How to Play & Setup, Including Factions Rules (HELPS you to with CONCISE rules)

Root Board Game. Learn how to play, gain the advantage! Helps you to know the rules before your game night. Including Factions Rules

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Please note, this video was based on Second Printing of The Law of Root (Sep 5th 2018).
There have been some changes/clarifications from The Law of Root on Third Printing (Dec 21st 2018) which aren’t captured in this video.

To find out how to play with The Riverfolk Expansion factions, please watch this video:
If you want to see our “What to Expect – Brief Overview” for Root and The Riverfolk Expansion, please watch this video:

00:59 – Structure of this video and game
01:57 – General concepts and game flow
03:09 – Main board explanation
05:17 – Game components
06:21 – Ruling a clearing
07:33 – Common rules
07:46 – Movement
08:46 – Battle
12:31 – Crafting
15:26 – Common rules summary
16:06 – Setup
18:26 – Marquise De Cat
23:21 – Eyrie Dynasties
30:43 – Woodland Alliance
40:30 – Vagabond
57:29 – Dominance
01:00:09 – Ramp up

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By Meeple University – Tarrant Falcke and Stella Jahja
YouTube Channel:

Please turn on your “Klingon subtitles” for any corrections that we have 🙂
Hi everyone, thank you for watching. As you know the rules are many pages, so just in case we did some mistakes here and there, please let us know, and we will happily correct it in the description section here. Thank you!
37:22 – Correction, to train Woodland Alliance, take from the supply, not from the board
51:10 – Correction, you should not flip items face down when moving them to the damaged box; leave them on the side they’re currently on
52:59 – Correction, the victor points against hostile factions is for removing pieces only in battle, not by any other means as stated in the video.
53:18 – Updated rules since video release, you should not flip items face up when repairing them; leave them on the side they’re currently on

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  • Awesome tutorial! I played this once last year and I had a very hard time learning this game. Now I am giving it another shot after watching this video!

    If this video is based on 2nd printing, are those corrections in the description are based on 3rd printing?

  • Can I put the dominance cards into the decree and play them for a specific action? Like build, move, recruit, battle?

  • Hi, on 51:10 you say that damages itens must be put in the respective slot with facedown. Where inter rule book says that must be face down? I couldn’t find it. Sorry the bad english. Congrats for the turorial, it was the best one that I found.

  • Vangabond can atk other and move their token to Hostile but Vangabond's Allied can atk them or not? And when atk Vangabond they move to Hostile or not?

  • I am not sure, for Alliance Traiining at day light, we put soldier from the board or out side the board to Officers?

  • Thank you very much for this excellent video, definitely the best explanation of Root that I found online. I am now a subscriber of this channel.

  • A very well-laid-out and well structured rules explanation for Root. Great, great stuff! Thank you so much!

  • I didn’t see anything stating that the Eyrie can only get 1vp for crafting items. Outside of that. Good video.

  • 35:40 so removing tokens gets u a VP with revolution action? I thought you only get VP from removing building.

  • Question – does the marquis have to move twice when they march or can they choose to move once?

    Suggestion – for the Eyrie you might want to alert people that they can view their hand before picking a leader (cards are dealt prior faction set up) this is important because if with some hands and for example a charismatic leader they might be unable to move first turn and go into turmoil on turn 1 which would be ridiculous.

    Suggestion 2 – I'm not sure you made this clear in the video but the vagabond can use move to move out of a forest just not into it (like you stated only slip allows forest entering).

  • This was an absolutely spectacular explanation of the rules. Thank you for posting this, you got a new subscriber out of me!

  • I’ve heard that for the woodland alliance that if you start a riot of the same suit that you already have a base out of you move the base from the old clearing to the new clearing, is this correct?

  • 52:10 Not by any means. Only when during the Vagabond’s daylight battle action, on his turn. The Law of Root Page 8, Infamy. Whenever you remove a piece of a Hostile faction in battle during your turn, score one victory point. (Add this to points scored for enemy buildings and tokens. Do not score a point for removing the warrior that made the faction Hostile.)

  • I think you have made a mistake for Train's Woodland Alliance warriors. When you train warriors, they come from the supply to officer's box, not from the board. Except that, your video is very good ! Thank you and good job ! (sorry for my english, it's not my native language)

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