Rumbling Spell Orchestra Showcase – Touhou TCG!

NOTE: As of right now this site is sadly in a broken state. It is currently NOT possible to play this game here, as changes to the engine it ran on have made it unplayable. Sadly I doubt this will ever be fixed at all, but who knows, maybe in 5 years 😛

Check it out anyhow if you want/ think you might be able to help at
Information about the cards themselves can be found at

Touhou Cards! As soon as I found out about this on the Moriya Shrine I HAD to give it a go. I’ve heard there’s other programs that you can use to play this, but none of them administer the game rules, which is a big turn-off when considering that this game is a bit more complicated than say the Pokémon TCG.

Essentially it’s a battle of Spell Cards, using reserved cards to fuel your actions throughout the match. She who shoots best claims victory! Lots of general traits from other card games involved, so if you’re familiar with anything else it should be fairly easy to pick up.

The game is pretty buggy to be honest with you, and I don’t think it has been worked on for quite some time. It is prone to crashing when using heavy modifier strategies like Patchouli, and a few cards just don’t seem to do what they’re meant to (Byakuren’s Emotional Skyscraper for example). If you do plan on playing this, be absolutely sure to use Google Chrome to mitigate tooltips from lingering, and be sure to set a Profile Picture since apparently it helps a bit to prevent Game Loop crashes? No idea how that works, but whatever! I’m gonna keep a bug thread open on the forums incase anyone ever does look at it, as a reference of stuff that should be fixed. Maybe if we get some people on there and show some interest we can get someone to notice and pick up the code again? I doubt it, but one can dream.

If enough people want to play, I may try to do some recordings of this with you guys too. I definitely want to do some with Kib, and I’m sure Ross would be up for it too, so I’m gonna give it a shot for sure!


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