Samsung Exclusive New Game Plugins – Get HIGH LEVEL GAMING Performance On Any Samsung device


Samsung Exclusive New Game Plugins – Get HIGH LEVEL GAMING Performance On Any Samsung device

In this video, Lets check out Samsung Brand New Exclusive Game Plugins which will help you to Enhance and boost your Gaming experience in your samsung Device. So, If you love playing games and you really want to Improve the Gaming Performance on your device. Then this Samsung new Game Plugins will give you HIGH LEVEL Gaming Performance.

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  1. Thank you so much for the video sir. I have an samsung galaxy m31 which has a medium performance processor 9611. I was not able to play pubg at 60fps, i tried everything, even by the gfx tool it was not possible. But now because of the app i can play at 60fps. Thank you sir.

  2. I have a samsung s9+ and android 10 One UI 2.0, and when i tap on the game booster plus plugin it says it isn't supported on this device

  3. Hello can you answer my samsung a50 is continue lagging in mlbb even my ping is good ang stable but i cant played vey well because if the lag ..plsss can you answer why?

  4. This thing works but for my s10+ it gets screeching hot mind you I am not using case either. We need some sort of cooling device for our phones

  5. Hello I have a problem and I hope you can help, but when i search game plugins in galaxy store there is no result
    My phone is Samsung J6+
    And it says not compatible why?

  6. Thanks bro you awesome i'm gonna try this right now if it work i will be soooooo happy and gave you a subscribe and a like

  7. When I downloaded it,it says game plugins couldn't be installed from the galaxy store ??
    Could you please tell me why is this?

  8. Bro i have s9plus with andriod 10 but i cant use this app ..when i download then open but it said none of plugin are availble in the galaxy store bro


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