Screaming Viking


How To: Get the students to stand in one large circle (Moving desks out of the way may be necessary). Begin the activity with an FMP as the “picker” in the center of the circle. In a quick, but meaningful, pace the pointer selects one of the four options (below) and points at one student in the circle, says it, and counts to 5. The students (and their shoulder buddies) must perform the designated actions involved with the command. If someone messes up their action, the rest of the circle clapping to cheer them on as they now take the position of the “picker.”
Screaming Viking: The person pointed at must “yell” and put their fingers on their head (creating the points on a viking’s helmet) as their shoulder buddies act like they have oars and row on the side of the person pointed at.
Elephant: The person pointed at uses their arm and make an elephant noise as they wave their “trunk”. Shoulder buddies use their arms to be the pointed-at person’s “elephant ears.”
Jello: The person pointed at wiggles in a single straight form as the shoulder buddies make a circle around the torso of the pointed-at person, creating a “plate.”
Bippity Bippity Bop Bop Bop: The person pointed at must say “Bop” before the “picker” finished the phrase.


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