The Breakdown with Jatt: Understanding late game decisions (LCK Spring Week 6)


This week on The Breakdown, we’re talking about understanding late game decisions. In Week 6 of the 2017 LCK spring split, KT Rolster faced SK Telecom T1 in what was a battle for 1st place in the league. Game 3 hinged on so many different decisions which could have swung the outcome. Those decisions are what we’re covering.

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  1. At 3:17, could Huni have stopped his TP and stayed back to keep the supers from killing nexus turret #2? I believe the minion would've survived long enough to remove the backdoor bonus and the tower would still be destroyed.

  2. The real mvp of this game are the two baron empowered melee minions holding the the whole wave at top side. If the two minions were to be absent, it would have been real difficult for SKT to halt KT's push

  3. imo, taking 5v4 fight was much better than elder drake as they were already behind in gold. They could never win 5v5.

  4. Lets keep in mind that SKT won a 4v5 late game for a win. In late game the slightest mistake gives you death. You get blown up. They are just better the better team. How often do you hear about them making a stupid mistake and losing a game? You don't…they are the team to beat. They also put more effort then anybody into LOL. There is no reason they should lose.

  5. Maybe it was the stress of just wanting to win. Or the thought of victory being so close but the fact that they had 2 infernals AND a mountain kinda makes elder dragon extremely powerful yet they decided to rush nexus without it. Im not gonna say theyre bad for it because theyre clearly not bad but im just confused

  6. Couldn't Kt try to to split push bot, send Jayce bot and the other 4 top, just to take bot inhib and top inhib, and then go for Elder? Wouldn't that be game? SKT would be super pinned, double super minion late push (top & bot) and elder buff, then just go down mid, wait out till they have to back or else their inhib gets demolished by super minions. Take out mid turret and inhib, then look for the all out finisher?

  7. KT should have engaged on Bang on that last fight. It was clearly a 5v3 in top lane where Huni and Blank were blocked off by terrain:(

  8. KT has the skill, they had the ability to do 5v5 combat, yet against SKT they always avoid fighting and picking a team comp for split push or pick potential


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