Tim & Sid: Examining William Nylander's Post-Game Comments After Panthers Game


Tim and Sid react to William Nylander’s comments following the Toronto Maple Leafs’ loss to the Florida Panthers on Saturday night, pointing out that maybe he isn’t as ‘upset’ as he should be.


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  1. Your right. Cleanse that room. No accountability, kids think they are superstars can’t even make the playoffs or win a round

  2. Your right. Cleanse that room. No accountability, kids think they are superstars can’t even make the playoffs or win a round

  3. Your right. Cleanse that room. No accountability, kids think they are superstars can’t even make the playoffs. Get Nylander out of there. Little punk

  4. Be very careful what you say, imagine if we would all make video about how pathetic you sound and go off like a moron because you dont understand english. You dont need to be angry to make a change. If you do 90 percent of the time you are making the wrong change out of anger. You are a perfect example.

  5. My god, what an embarrassing topic to expand upon (and be deliriously irate about, to boot).
    The players need to be positive because this shameless media sets sail on the SS Narcissism and goes full steam ahead any time leafs player farts without permission

  6. I’m with Sid on this one. If you’re getting paid millions of dollars a year to play a game with the expectation that winning is important and you’re that disinterested in the end goal, you don’t deserve the money in any way.

    Can’t even check it up to youth. Nylander has been in the pro game fir several years now. He should know better.

  7. I no wear sid was going with this but i think nylander was upset but u cant dwell on the loss u go forward and play ur next game!! That's what i think nylander meant!!

  8. Sid is absolutely the best troll out there , he loves the leafs and it’s his job to break balls. He plays his roll well.

  9. The second Dubas got on a plane to Switzerland, i knew we were fked.

    Dubas has destroyed the most promising team in 20 years.

  10. Hey Leafs fans who are saying this is a media overreaction….

    Your team has no spine or character, and are on the verge of having a monumental late season collapse…


  11. The Leafs do have an attitude problem. They haven't shown up in any big game. They haven't beaten, Florida, Boston or Montreal this year. They barely beat Ottawa in two overtime games. I'm even questioning their commitment to winning. Who cares if they make the playoffs because it will be an embarrassing series. This team is not a contender and if it wasn't for good goaltending most nights would be near the bottom of the NHL. Get rid of the dead weights if possible, but keep Tavares, Matthews, Reilly, Marner, Hyman, Sandin, Andersen, and Muzzin. Everybody else can go.

  12. Coddled and concerned about his contract. Not a great will to win. He has skill but not the intensity required for a champ.

  13. Haha same old Sid.. No content whatsoever, no logic, no reason, just has to fill his procedural, forced, pathetic 'persona'. No consistency whatsoever in this guy's arguments. Get rid of this guy already… Donovan is waiting

  14. Willie is right- Leafs cannot be on emotional roller coaster for every little mistake or correct action…remember playoffs are what counts…Go Leafs!!

  15. I'm with Sid. Leafs need an attitude adjustment and an addition of some lunch pale types. They lead the league in highlight reel tallies but sorely need a veteran D-man that enjoys eating glass shards.

  16. He's probaby got alot of emotion going on in the moment and didnt wanna talk much, I think you guys are blowing it WAY out of proportion. There's HONESTLY only 1 thing to do after a loss, and that's move on.

  17. For the money Nylander is a bargain compared to Marner. But as always they would never blame a Canadian player. No, hammer on Nylander and Kapanen.

    Btw Sid needs to get laid.

  18. Not much you can do when everyone else plays well and 2 players, Ceci and Hutchinson, throw the game by themselves. I don't disagree with the culture issues but that game was one of their better overall games


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