Top 10 Video Game Companies Fans Hate the Most


The gaming companies we actually like seem to be getting fewer and fewer. For this list, we’ll be looking at various video game companies and the reasons why they have garnered large amounts of backlash from gamers over the years. Our countdown includes Atari, Blizzard, Microsoft, and more! Which video game company do YOU hate the most? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. 2k games/ Take-Two? TenCent (who sells your information to the Chinese government)? Ubisoft? I straight up refuse to buy products from these companies except from Rockstar games and COD modern warfare titles.

  2. No, the China I know is supposed to be a country that fights for peaceful and freedom. Not becoming a Communist society. That's is not the China I known.

  3. Blizzard Entertainment is no way supporting Donald Trump! That is a lie, Blitzchung did not realised he started a rebellious movement. Blizzard Entertainment deserves better than this! Support for Donald Trump, no way!

  4. Plants vs zombies Free(ANDROID): pay 100,000 dollars to get digger's diamond mine and $4.99 to remove ads.
    Me: Downloads unlimited money and no ads mod
    Plants vs zombies Free(ANDROID): (visible confusion)

  5. As much as I love Nintendo and their games (I grew up with them), they could deserve a spot in this list because of their criminal abuse of copyright. It almost made me shed my tears when I hear of their criminal behavior against fan projects. Also they're poorly handling online services. I just wish someone could sue the crap out of these douchebags until they finally decide to open their eyes and stop abusing copyright and fixing online issues.

  6. I originally thought that the EA was the circus of video game companies, then came Bethesda with Fallout 76 and Creation Club, And then came (Ch)Blizzard Entertainment with WarCraft III Refunded and Diablo Immortal, alongside Overwatch 2

  7. You can take every other company on this list, combine all the hate THEY got, and EA would still have greater levels of hate.


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