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  1. who'd like to see a video series, called, "minx on crack?" it would be crazy to see, that's for sure… just compile some of her videos, in a robot chicken format… lmao, that would be epic!

  2. Better than some of those poor, low-budget Japanese or Korean games you’ve played before haha definitely good for students to make.

  3. I'm suddenly humming to the first movement of Bach's Cantata "Ich will den Kreuzstab geme tragen" (BWV 56).

  4. As a german viewer I was quite entertained. It's so funny when people try to speak german. I couldn't even take the game seriously because I was chuckling the entire time.

  5. Great subtitles, didn't know you knew German, or well enough to pass in a game at least. Great to know! I'm learning Spanish and Japanese at the moment.

    I'm not sure if this game was based on a German folktale or something, but I think it's either someone was sick and had a fever that distorted their mind into seeing Agnes (a care giver or nanny) and the rest of the game was only what was happening in her head, but it could also be that the care giver or nanny was actually not supposed to be there and were, in fact, Agnes, the shoe demon or witch or

    Holy shit, I just realized, you gave her soles, hahaha, not souls, but soles! That's hilarious!

  6. Amnesia (the game) has desensitized me; I didn't feel anything like creepiness or fear. Don't get me wrong, it's a lovely game!
    I appreciate the subtitles, Minx!

  7. “That’s not even nightmare fuel…this is like nightmare fuel to the nightmare bus that you drive off the nightmare cliff.”

  8. 6:08
    Liebe Stephanie

    Wenn du diesen brief bekommst, heißt das, dass wir nicht mehr für
    dich sorgen können. Auf unseren Schultern liegt eine schwere Last, die
    wir schon viel zu lange gezwungen sind zu tragen, aber unsere Kraft
    ist erschöpft. Darum haben wir die furchtbarste Entscheidung unseres
    Lebens getroffen, unser eigenes Kind wegzugeben. Wenn die Zeit
    gekommen ist, wirst du verstehen, dass es das Beste für dich war.
    Aber bis es soweit ist, bist du in guten Händen und wir beten für dich,
    dass du wohlbehütet aufwachsen wirst. Vergiss uns nicht kleine
    Prinzessin, wir behalten dich auf ewig in unseren Herzen.

    In liebe

    Hannah und Michael
    (damn they even got the old spelling down)

    Dear Stephanie

    If you read this, then you know that we couldnt care for you anymore.
    We were forced to carry a heavy burden for far too long and now our ability to move on is at its end. Because of that, we had to make the most terrifying choice of our lives, to give our own child away. When the time has come, you will understand that it was the best for you. But until that time you are in good care and we pray for you, that you will be safe and sound growing up. Please dont forget us little princess, you will be forever in our hearts.

    In love

    Hannah and Michael


  9. I appreciate the extra mile you've gone for this with the subtitles. As for the game itself, it had a very haunted house feeling to me.


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