My friends and I tried playing the Red Door Yellow Door game that’s been blowing up recently. At first we didn’t take it serious, but that changed after a few tries…

If you didn’t already know, Red Door Yellow Door is a game where you enter your subconscious to see things that (supposingly) your mind keeping from you. Most people see doors, people, clocks, and stairs.

To play the game, one person lays down and puts their head in the lap of another person, who is the ‘leader.’ The leader rubs the temples of the player, whilst everyone in the room chants “red door yellow door, any other color door.” The player starts with their arms straight up, but once they’ve entered their subconscious, their arms drop to their side. The leader than guides the player around, telling them where to look and where to move.

There’s set rules that you’re supposed to follow: like don’t go in dark colored doors, don’t go down stairs, avoid rooms filled with clocks, and don’t talk to anyone you come by. It is believed that if you die in the game you will die in real life.

This game has completely blown up on TikTok, where it really gained popularity. Although, Red Door Yellow Door has been around for much longer.

We ended up playing the game for 6 hours; going on and off. By the time my friend Trent played, it was 3am, making things even more spooky. I tried to cut this video down to the best moments and highlights, and edited it in a Shane Dawson sort of style.

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  1. lol on both of the victim whos in the dreamy thing if u turn on the caption its hilarofhbsbsjdbdbcnxkso jxb

  2. Yee I’m watching this at 3:13 AM now I can’t sleep I think I’m gunna die for some reason 👁👄👁👌🏻

  3. I was three minutes into the video and things were already getting tense, then my FLIPPING DOOR OPENS, it scares the living hell out of me and when I look my 1 year and 5 month old puppy comes in with her tail wagging, all excited to see me.

  4. If you play this game with your friend

    If they see something and say I think I’m going to die


  5. ive played this and let me just say. if you are in a bad headspace do not engage! it can be actually really terrifying

  6. This reminds me of “the Further” if you don’t know what that means search it up it’s from a horror movie.

  7. Honestly, all I want to say is never play this and If your gonna play this, please please please be careful I give you lots of luck. Please be safe and know the rules properly 😁😊
    This game freaks the life out of me omg!
    Usually when me and some of my friends play a game (not paranormal or psychological) in a circle or in a particular type of circle I normally sit at the edge and always end up there and I always get chills and goosebumps and just move around to calm myself and just want to move to a different place. I don’t know why! But I just have a gut feeling to move around or just sit somewhere else for some reason. Everyone (if you know) please tell me why this happens.

  8. I played this. I saw a village.
    Houses with doors..
    I saw the blackest door n opened it a man walked out and raised his hand.
    I shook it.
    Then the next day I murdered my dog.

    Instructions not clear.

  9. when i played it i saw a clock and then it disappeared and i saw a door with no doorknob? If anyone has any tips for me please let me know

  10. As soon as you said "ritual" I decided not to play, I ain't gonna mess with ritual crap, I'll mess with Charlie Charlie! But I'm a little tempted tho….

  11. I believe u can’t die from this game but u can get scared it’s not paranormal or anything like that ur actually just discovering parts of ur brain that ur keeping from yourself or the fears u have it’s like a lucid dream actually which is were u control u dream but I do recommend not doing red door yellow door u less ur a little older and understand it and won’t be scared to death I think if u go into the game with a positive mindset you won’t see as much of scary stuff it won’t be all unicorns and rainbows bc obviously it’s the things ur hiding from yourself and ur fears but it wouldn’t be as bad or scary if u we’re going into the game like ur gonna die and ur scared to death you won’t die and it’s not paranormal just go into it with a good mindset. Much love <3

  12. My only partner that is willing to do this with me is my brother. But, if I played this with my brother and I saw something and I would tell him he would probably drop me off of his lap and run to our parents. That would be the only thing that would of woken me up.

  13. Idk but the person who get in the ritual talk so slow , and thats creepy , me and my cousin had play this , and she talks sooo slow and creepy

  14. I get very bad vibes when the girl in the black jacket – I think her name was jayden- when she did it I got bad vibes. I got very bad vibes. Like sonething was wrong. Like very. Idk if it was just me being scared but- I'm sorry but-

  15. I tried it it's like a horror movie 🎥 I love you I have liked subscribed and finger all notification bells 😇😇😇

  16. This video makes me feel comfortable and not to scared I like the set up and the lighting it's just….. comforting..


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