Wildlife Zoo Deluxe Freeform Map/Tutorial Video 1


Disclaimer: Wildlife Zoo Deluxe is owned by Deep Silver, not me.

Re-uploaded with fixed captions and additional information.

Have to use the unregistered version of Bandicam again due to issues I had with it recently, thus my lack for videos recently. I can’t buy the full version til I get my laptop, which believe me, that Alienware m14x looks to be a total BEAST of a laptop. That’s the laptop I’ll be getting.

Simple tutorial video as well as playthrough video of Wildlife Park 2 (With Marine World expansion), both bundled as Wildlife Zoo Deluxe in the US. I chose to get WLZ Deluxe as it was cheaper for me than importing the original game. Wildlife Park games tend to be hard, harder than Zoo Tycoon games, but here I show you Wildlife Park 2/Wildlife Zoo is not that hard compared to the first Wildlife Park. THAT game was pure torture and more glitchier in comparison, but was fine enough either way provided you had enough space for everything in the zoo. Yes, prehistoric animals are present in Wildlife Zoo Deluxe, but none of them are Dinosaurs. Yes, the map I am using for my zoo in this file DOES have gene resources for such animals, but I cannot do a thing about them until I earn back 1 Million Dollars for the researcher. I’ll cover that in a later video. Most of what you NEED to know is covered in this video, but there may be other things I missed, but again, I’ll be making more videos.

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